To think that tomorrow,
I’d have to wake without you,
Is haunting me for the past so many nights.
If only you’d stay.
Where the sun gleamed in through the tiny slits,
Of the blinds that you left open at night,
The curtains now stay shut,
Barring all light into the room,
Just like the light’s gone from my life.
And the table in the corner,
Where we had meals,
Now has a film of dust from being forsaken.

Sometimes I turn to the other side,
To find no one on the other side of the bed,
I hear no laughs in my house,
No sounds at all, except the clock,
And the ticktock is killing me,
Because it never seems to end,
And time is flying so quickly,
And yet it is so slow, that I wait for you,
And the waiting never ends.

Winter covers in its sheets,
The city all around me.
A layer of snow gathers up against the window ledge,
Melting off as soon as I touch it.
And I tell myself that’s how things are meant to be,
Never go too close, for the bird flies away,
It knows not your love for it,
For it has seen so many people come close to birds,
And then hold them by the neck,
Until their breaths die out,
That now it flies off even at the sight of a little kid,
Who loves it the most and wants to sing to it.

But like all things in life, this winter too,
Will live its day and come to an end,
And the sun will shine from behind the clouds,
The snows will melt and the grass would smile,
The world around me will soon turn,
From its colorless white to a green oh so bright,
And I will continue to live.

To think that tomorrow, I’ll have to wake,
To see that nothing has changed yet,
And that all my dreams are yet undone,
It makes me weep, it makes me sad,
And the snow, fog, and mist,
They will run their course as they do,
But deep inside, they know as well,
Their time is up, they must go now,
As should I,
So adieu dear friend, I’ll write more to you,
But now I must go, as all things should end,
And mark the beginning of another.


When the world seems angry for no reason at all,
When all the small walls start seeming tall,
And the night seems so long you’d wish only,
That tonight you weren’t so much lonely.
Stand up and smile, ’cause you came alone,
Have worked alone, and will go alone.
Don’t crave for the one you loved so much,
For your love has no value as such.
The only truth that one has known,
To each his own, so no more moan.
Live your life to the fullest, don’t think of her,
You know your life has much more to offer,
Don’t think of the future, and forget the past
,Live in your today, ’cause you know that will last.
Tomorrow may come, or it may not,
You may be laughing, or sobbing out.
Control your destiny, how hard it may sound,
And it will come to you, when your goal you have found.
Friends are no one, no one is a foe,
Near are no ones, alone you must go.
So stand up and smile, ’cause you came alone,
Have worked alone, and will go alone.