For Those Who Care

I will smile, and be happy again,
Blossom like the flower of spring,
And cuddle myself against the warmth of sunlight,
And hide under a bird’s wing.
I will tell you what I think is wrong,
Why birds should go to school,
Why men should fly, why elephants should smile,
When the gods should rule.
None of it is what you think I am,
I am but a lonely wretched affair,
But I’ll change myself, change for the good,
Change for those who care.

Footpath II

Hello friends, before I begin, I must tell you, this may be the worst verse you will ever read in your life; the simple reason being, even I did not enjoy reading it after I wrote. Still, since I used up some time in writing this, so I am posting this. And this is almost the last post for this month, since after this I’ll be busy preparing for my end-semester exams. The only post to come out this month after this will be “Abyss 3”, which I will put up on May 25th, 2011. Till then, read this verse, and pull your hair apart if you don’t like it. 😛

Thunder, lightning, rain clouds around,
Everyone here to himself bound,
Where men are murdered and no one asks,
Anarchism hidden in tranquility’s masks.
There used to be on that side of the street,
A footpath, where together were our feet,
It is gone now, the footpath is gone,
It is gone now, you are gone.
How happy we were then now I think,
When we smiled at each other even for a wink,
How am I today, alas, half-dead,
The oceans of my eyes have turned blood-red.
How I feel on my shoulders even now sometimes,
Your hand, and grasped in it, my life.
The kohl you applied, the anklets you wore,
Are still in my mind, memories sore.
Far on the sand numb and quiet,
You sit and think, I don’t know what.
Hands raise out of the smoke and fall,
Silently this pain is killing all,
Fallen around are bleeding bodies,
They die, they rot, a hundred bodies.
When I was born, I had a dream,
It went suffocated, died my dream.
Where birds die daily because of people’s wrath,
That’s the place where was the footpath.

Meet you soon. I do not know when I will write next, I am out of stock in thoughts, my mind is so full of fears for the examination. Wish me all the best, and remember to come to my blog on 25th May. 🙂 Bye-bye for now.

From this Side to that

From This Side to That
From This Side to That

My dream is to go to that side of the river, where the fields are lush and the trees are green, where people stay and days are serene, where I have someone to talk to… This side is barren, dirty and numb, the trees are dead without leaves and flowers.. the barricades stop me from going to that side.. but I need to go, I need to go. The boat is there, no boatman alas! but I’ll row it and I will go, once i reach the boat, once I reach the boat..


And again as usual I simply smile,
All my attempts still infertile,
And it has happened quite often this way,
So habituated I am, I can say if I may.
All my friends even today to me say,
People in dreams, they in dreams stay,
I don’t know why still I deny,
And destiny itself will I some day defy.
That I wished and I got,
Something I always sought,
It hardly has happened ever till date,
And I’ve left everything now upon fate,
Flow along with it where it’ll take,
See real things for once, tired of everything fake.
But time heals all, except for one,
I will love you always, though I never won.
Risky is life, subject to losing it,
And still I give it up, if for you I am not fit.
Seldom comes the time when I forget you,
Tell me what you feel, give me at least a clue,
And once I understand that nobody I am,
I will run away from your life, as far as I can.