The Night We Stayed

I saw your eyes closely in the light of the night,
Whilst they looked at me, two stones of jade,
And lest this be washed away by the sands of time,
This is the story of the night we stayed.

I think of the past, how funny it has been,
For us to come to the point where we are,
Been through memories that are thorns to the mind,
And some as sweet as lekvar.

For being in love is a strange affair,
Dreams weaved out of other dreams,
And love, like the sun, in the bright of the morning,
Falls in sleepy streams.

But come night, Absence,
Makes its presence known to the heart,
And the mind bewildered knocks on every door,
Looking out for its sweetheart.

The night we stayed, I learned you’re precious,
And that I cannot afford to lose you,
But the morning came soon enough,
And I had to bid you adieu.

I write this letter hoping you’ll smile,
Think of me for a minute or two,
And shower me with all the love you can,
For it has long been overdue.


Fair-skinned lady, oh watery skin,
Listen to me, let’s go run away somewhere,
In a small cave far all our happiness we’ll share,
I love you more than your kith and kin.
Mother earth calls out, indulges me in you,
It’s only you about whom I do care,
You are my only gem precious and rare,
Let me drown myself in you.


And now whenever that tune I hear,
Thoughts come to me of what was so dear,
Precious more than a diamond it was,
And tears roll out when I think of my loss.
My ears yearn for what it had heard,
Which once upon a time felt absurd,
Long for the afternoons with her,
When we were so near to each other.
The whisper in my ears, that sounded cold and wry,
Now the same tune sounds a lullaby.
Melodious evenings, cool was the breeze,
Her lips on my throat, oh it made me freeze,
Where are those days, where did they go,
I don’t see them anymore though I search high and low.
Sing me the same song, and I will dance like a dove,
Bring me back those old days, those old days of love.
Nights will again see me sleeping soundly,
As when I slept after hearing that lullaby.
Now that I have called you, come back to me again,
Forget the past, forget each and every pain .
Things are going wrong, they always will,
The road I am trudging on seems one uphill.
Come and give your hand, and holding it I will,
Smoothly pass over each and every hill.
If not so much, I have a last wish,
Once more sing me that lullaby after my last dinner’s dish.