The dark of the sky has not yet gone,
The sun has not yet gleamed with joy,
The clouds have not yet tired of hiding,
The moon behind them, where it lazily sleeps.
The stars don’t blink, they stand still today,
And all around there’s an eerie silence,
Not a sound of man, nor bird nor dog,
Only the whispers of ghosts prevail.
They whisper to each other in creaks of windows,
In the rustle of leaves, in the whoosh of the wind,
And when all is said and done,
When the morning will come again,
They’ll go back to sleep,
And no one will believe me when I tell them,
I heard the ghosts around me yesternight again.

Be Immortal

Like the moon which assumes she is beautiful,
Pretending to light up the entire world,
Stealing rays of the sun,
When the sun refuses to look down upon us,
But all her arrogance,
Crumbled to dust in a matter of moments,
When the clouds gather over her.
Be not the moon that steals the lights,
Be not the clouds overwhelming ever so much,
But be the sun, that people remember you,
Even when you’re absent from this world.

He’s Not Me

The one who sits with you by day,
Promises happiness wild and gay,
Says he’d bring the moon for you,
Where there’d be room for two,
He who says he loves you,
More than anyone else can ever,
And that the day he forgets you,
That day in his life would come never,
The one whom you kissed on the forehead,
When he was sad and wanted to die,
He’s not me.
I am the evil that you haven’t seen,
The star which shines on dark things light,
He who kills with his eyes painfully,
He’s me.
The one who promises to live with you,
Only to stab you behind your back,
To kiss you on your lips with his poisoned ones,
He’s me.
The one who said he’ll die for you,
Yet knows he’d kill you when needed,
Who shows you a smile and is full of wrath,
He’s me.
The one you love and the one you think of,
The one who never ever thought about you,
He’s me.

Then and Now

Its three and a half years, and still nothing has changed,
I was happy then, I am happy now,
But a portion of my heart still laughs at me,
Tells me I can’t lie to it and get away,
And I find myself back to where I begun everything,
That evening, that night, those words, my plight.
Come summer and to that day rewinds my life,
When it first all began, the end of everything,
And when I think about it I quietly smile,
That I am happy now, and I was happy then.
Some things are meant to happen and be forgotten,
This was no doubt one of them for sure,
Then why does my mind, my heart, and my soul,
Tend to keep it stored safely within it somewhere?
Sometimes on a moonlit night when I look at the moon,
I promise to you everything will be good again,
And then I laugh at myself how I saw your face in the moon,
When it was something that one could never get.
Somewhere deep inside somebody tells me,
All is well, you know you did the right thing,
Then tonight why do I wait for you, at the same place where you left me?
The moments we shared, are safe with me,
Come back once, and take them with you,
So that we double them and keep them with us,
Your love, your eyes, my pain, my cries.

Love’s Lagoon

Into the sea of grief when I will sink,
When unhappiness will fill me to the brink,
When from the glass of loneliness I’ll drink,
I hope you will be there with me.
There have been times when I was lonely,
But none like this came ever before,
When I wished from the bottom of heart,
Only if someone would open her door.
Let me sit for a while and have a drink,
And into the world of dreams let me sink,
Then when I would wake up I would leave,
Thank her once and later bereave.
These times soon passed, and I got you,
You came in my life when in it were left a few,
And with you by my side I have touched the cloud,
And even in silences I have shouted loud.
The wave of happiness then crossed over me,
I knew the next one wouldn’t come so soon,
And while I waited for it to come,
I spent my nights staring at the moon.
That moon still shines at me every night,
Telling me that you’ll be back soon,
And when you come you’ll clasp my hand,
Stay along with me in my love’s lagoon.

Square One 2

… The earth will crumble to pieces when I see,
That him of her where I should be.
But I’ll stay quiet, dumb will I stay,
Will keep waiting for that one ray,
The ray of happiness that I’m sure will shine,
And one day what I want will be solely mine.
And then I’ll be on the top of the world,
The banner of my success will be unfurled.
And that him of her will be dumbfounded,
When all the world I’ll have astounded.
Keep calm oh self that day will come soon,
You will fly high as high as the moon.


Let me sink into your ocean of love,
Sometimes salty, sometimes sweet,
I promise you today never will I you cheat,
Oh my lady magic, my pretty dove.
Stay calm and the ask them to not arise,
The tide angry by the false love shown,
It has for the moon the same affection borne,
And will continue to do so till its demise.