Autumn – An Introduction to the New Category

The new category ‘Autumn’ in Black Rose is not actually new. Three and a half years ago I had begun writing the first few chapters of this book. It existed as a page for some time, until I realised that it is too large to fit in a page. The feelings that have been composed in Autumn are not new. They are the same old ones, dating three years back, and how it has changed over time. Autumn has often been associated with melancholy. The possibilities of summer are gone, and the chill of winter is on the horizon. Skies turn grey, and many people turn inward, both physically and mentally.

Though this work of fifteen new write-ups in prose is fictional, one can possibly relate to it in many ways, probably through one’s experiences or what one has read and written before. They do not stand as an extraordinary set of prose, rather try to integrate the entire thing into one whole story. The inspiration for this has springed up from mainly two sources. One is obviously the books that I am currently reading. The second one, is not very obvious if you read the superficial lines written, but probably you would understand it once you read a bit more into the pieces, probably down the line during this month. I have taken a lot of time in composing this, and I hope you like reading it as much as I have loved writing it.

Thank you, and have a great July ahead!