Being There

It’s queer how things change, for worse, or for good,
How happiness curls itself contentedly in our minds,
How the warmth of coffee reminds us of a wintry evening,
How the lightning reminds me of the first hug.
I’ve been there always through thick and thin,
And though you don’t realize, I still miss you.
A lie was said, a life was ruined, happiness smothered,
Yet a smile still persists on our faces, we pretend,
Pretend to whom, and to what avail, I don’t understand.

I’ve been thinking about you lately, how I moved on,
How you did so too, and how the goodbye didn’t hurt us much,
As do the flashbacks of the many jiffies that we created.
When I go back home, I smile at the rock in the park where I’d inscribed our names,
We’d smiled that day, and promised we’d see it together again; we didn’t.
The sand castles have long been washed out by the waves,
But, the shells still echo our voice, you should come and listen to them once.

I’ve decided to never talk to you about this again, lest it hurts you.
I’ve decided not to let you realize either that I love you beyond what words can describe.
But, somewhere down there, I know you know,
Somewhere down the line, we know we’ll meet again, it’s bound to happen.
That day, I hope we can smile and tell each other, yes we were.

Enough said, I think I should stop writing about you any further.
I hope you read this someday and read through the lines, but I hardly think you’d.
I wish I could see you again.

I pray.

A Fresh Start

It was a new dawn, a morning to come,
When everything would change for the good,
The fresh morning air, the dim sunlight through the curtains,
Was doing a purely new magic with my mood.
It’s a fresh start I knew, a fresh start to life,
To venture into something I’ve never done before,
And as I closed my eyes to feel the warmth,
Someone knocked lightly on my door.
She’d come finally into my life I knew,
The one I had waited for all my life,
She had come to tell me how much I meant to her,
And how fruitful had been my strife.
I always kept thinking the rose was black,
Never checked on it to see how red it was,
How love and happiness wished to come to me,
How I had never supported the cause.
But today is going to be very different I know,
Today I’ll smile and let good things happen,
For I know that my life is worth living to its fullest,
And for once I’ll come out of my long lived in den.

Abyss 4

There appeared a hole, a narrow deep one,
And inquisitive enough about what it would be,
I started delving into it.
I went deeper and deeper inside it, deep into the abyss,
Until I found myself in a place,
Where winters never existed.
I didn’t know where I was, except that,
I knew no one around me knew that either,
We all came from somewhere we couldn’t remember,
And settled around this fire, the fire of death.

I saw this small guy, who said he died the same day,
How he died he didn’t know, and little did he know,
That I knew how he did.
He clasped my hand, and asked me to take him back,
Through the same hole that I came inside through.
I agreed, but when I turned around,
The hole was nowhere to be seen.
Only a sick laugh surrounded us, a laughter of cries,
Saying what’s gone is gone.

Colors of his life, colors of my life,
Turned then from white to black,
And whilst we sat thinking how we’d go back to life,
Someone pushed me and I woke up to a horror,
It’s two years now, where are you?


I know you won’t answer, but all the same,
I just want to ask you why, though it may sound lame.
Why did you show me the stars bright in the sky,
When you weren’t there to walk with me and all those talks were a mere lie.
Why did you tell me of dreams you wove for me,
When the thread you knit it with was so feeble it set itself free.
Why did you say that you care about how I am,
When deep inside you did know that you actually don’t give a damn.
Why did you say that we would meet once we were in town,
When beforehand you had already planned to let all my hopes down.
Why did you tell me you’d go with me to the moon,
When you within your heart planned to leave me so soon.
Why did you tell me like blood and veins, you and I,
When you had long ago promised yourself to leave me alone to die.
Why did you clutch my hand and tell me it’s love,
When you wouldn’t be mine for you wished to be free as a dove.
Why did you say ‘I love you too’ when I said ‘I love you’,
When you knew your were lying and you knew I was true.
I know you won’t answer, but all the same,
I just wanted to ask you why, though I knew it sounded lame.

From the Smoke

From the smoke rise hands and fall,
They shout for help and loudly call,
Yet no one hears, and no one cares,
Except that boy who from the corner stares.
Babies breathed their last breath,
And their mothers wept at their death,
Yet who cares, you’ve got to move on,
Who cares if what happening is right or wron’?
Once upon a time there was a city through which,
A river rushed with many a twitch,
Then one day suddenly, how no one knows,
The water in it dried up, and led to chaos.
Flowers died, leaves withered, trees fell down,
Men died, women deceased, and children passed on,
The birds died and went to meet their maker,
And the animals in the jungle all kicked the bucket.
Now where is that city, it’s still there,
Though its inhabitants we have seen rare,
From a ship they descended hundreds of years ago,
The original inhabitants for them were a foe.
The city has grown big houses and tall sweatshops,
Gone are the days when the fields grew crops.
They will learn their mistake one day I know,
And they will have to stoop down and low,
When they learn what they did was wrong and unfair,
And they learn at what the boys from the corner stare.

The Train

As I write this, this is the first time  I write something which is happening live.

Vibrations vibrate my body along,
As the train’s horn sings a song,
And there at the other end a baby cries,
And deep down somewhere my sleep dies.
A station comes, a flash of light,
Then again I go into the dark night,
Some people sleep, some chatter their way,
Who is how, no one can say.
A man snores on the seat beside,
And transports me to dreams of the place I reside,
Reminds me how when at my house,
Would snore loudly my mother’s spouse,
And then I could not sleep, awake by that noise,
And now I cannot sleep, dying to hear that voice.
I adjust myself, every now and then,
And wish that I could sleep, I don’t know when.
I think about people whom I shall meet,
When on the roads will walk together our feet.
My eyelids are heavy, they cover my eyes,
Yet I cannot sleep, and there the baby cries.
A million thoughts, a blink of an eye,
A mermaid, a fairy, a sweet painful lie,
This summer my love will grow once more,
Although my heart is red and sore.
I wait eagerly for the train to rest,
For then I’ll be where I want to be the best.

Come What May

As I sit beside the window today,
To varied memories my mind gives way,
A thousand things my heart wishes to say,
But time will go on, come what may.
The past is the sand of the castle of the future,
The glories we achieved, and endured the torture,
How we continued to fight ourselves every day,
But time will go on, come what may.
How happy days melted into soft cold nights,
How misunderstandings gave way to innumerable fights,
Go with your heart, don’t hear what they say,
For time will go on, come what may.
For in broken houses too good men stay,
All in hope for the one shining ray,
And I know I have lost myself as of today,
But time will go on, come what may.
Spicy evenings and delicious dusks we’d seen,
To the moon together we’d been,
And my heart has confessed what it should not say,
But time will go on, come what may.
If I die now, you should not be upset,
A better person than me you will surely get,
And with him your whole life happily you’ll stay,
For time must go on, come what may.