We Stopped Looking for Monsters Under Our Bed When We Realized They are Within Us

To begin with, the title is not original. I read this saying somewhere, and I liked it. Next, a very Happy New Year to all my readers, though I know it is a bit early. I wish this new year bring in lots of hopes, happiness, success, and a new ambition in each of your lives. It has been a ritual for some of us to make New Year resolutions, which we definitely take care to not keep; however let me not delve deep into criticizing you, because it’s you who has made me what I am today.

We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized they are within us. Well, we all know where this heads too. A world, where corruption is our biggest possession, where our children inherit it from us happily, and move on to pass it to the next generation, is where we live, is where we love. There have been people who have tried to remove portions of this corruption, but, all in vain. For there is this conscience of ours, which has got used to corruption so much, that it has stopped pricking us; it thinks the way we think, and does not stop us when we do something wrong.

I studied in my junior school that whenever we do something, whether it be wrong or right, our conscience speaks to us. Well, to be honest, it has never spoken to me till today, and it has never decided what is right or wrong. If it would have, then I would have been a holy person, devoid of badness, devoid of ill-thinking, devoid of evil. And if there is one in this world who is devoid of evil, is the one who dies now, is the one who smiles after he dies, because as he died, he gave up his evil to the world, and the world embraced it and distributed it amongst themselves, happily.

Then who is to blame for all this? Is it those small children in the school who learn it while walking on the streets? Is it those college students who do it because they had wished to do so since they were in school? Is it those people sitting in the office who consider it their profession to practise wrongdoings? Or is it that grandfather who sits in the room reading a newspaper, on one hand saying loving words to this grandchild, and on the other hand dirtying his mouth at the Parliament? To blame are the elders, the older people of this country, who consider it their asset to practise corruption. They are those who say that we should stop corruption at grass root level, and themselves manure the grass. They are those whom little children hear whilst sitting in the other room, and decide to be like them when they grow up. They are those who slap their child on hearing that he used a slang, and have nothing to say when the child says he learned it from his parents. Our “sanskriti” speaks of respecting our elders, of considering them next to God. Does God go about murdering people? Does God go about plotting against his own family? Does God go about smiling at people and stabbing them behind their backs? Does God discriminate between people of different castes, creeds, and religions? If yes, I consider all elders as my God.

The whole point of my writing this is demeaned if people do not take a correct step towards the right after reading this. Saying things is easy, committing yourself to doing something for the betterment of this world is difficult. Kill the monster who harms you tomorrow; kill the monster who is within you today, because he harms you more than any other monster can. A very happy new year to everyone, and this year, let us walk on the path of righteousness, on the path of justice, and on the path of truth, once again. I hope this year we write more, we read more, and we encourage more.

Satyameva Jayate! (Truth alone Wins)


Those days when in the air there was,
A certain fragrance of love,
Those days when I was free,
And flew freely like a dove,
Those days when good-byes only meant,
Tomorrow morning we’ll meet again,
Those days when we were with each other,
And handled so carefully each other’s pain,
Those days will I forget.

Those days when in the morning at school,
I used to smile and you used to blush,
Those days when never in our dreams we thought,
Someone would this way our hopes crush,
Those days when we said good-night and then,
Again sat back to talk for an hour,
Those days when after the parties were over,
I would drop you home in my own car,
Those days will I forget.

Those days when you suddenly started,
Prioritizing others and forgetting me,
Those days when I silently sobbed,
I was tied to a chain, no longer free,
Those days when the smiles on our faces,
Changed back to the age-old frown,
Those days when I died to see you,
And you quietly left the town,
Those days will I forget.

Those days when happiness meant only you,
Those days when sorrows were a few,
Those days will I never ever forget,
And even now and forever I will love you.

Don’t Fall in Love

Don’t fall in love, ay only losers fall,
Rise in love, and stand in it tall,
The heart, a storm in it, govern,
The rain, a noise in it, listen.
Walk on the roads that lead you to her soul’s towers,
And make her the colors of your flowers.
Touch the raindrops, and merge with its soul,
Travel over the clouds, push out of the hole,
The hole of grief where you reside,
Leave it in her hand, and let life slide.
The fog, the mist, the blossoming bud,
She the eternal princess, my heart, a thud.
Smell of the soil in the rains of the monsoon,
A blessing of God, arrived on earth too soon,
Yet don’t fall in love, ay only losers fall,
Rise in love, and stand in it tall.
The dew on flowers, wet as my eyes,
After it realized that all were lies,
Lies that life is a rose-bed to sleep on,
When it was pricked by each and every thorn.
Abandoned is the village, the village of love,
Died has today, each and every dove,
Each and every emotion that I had carried till today,
Has burnt out to ashes by the light of the day,
Yet I’ll not fall in love, ay only losers fall,
And I won’t rise in it, my life’s to a halt.

Nothing Has Changed

The gardens of my house still flowers bloom,
The trees in it still nest birds,
The windows of the room still bring sunshine,
And also the rains as they came with you.
Without you here, nothing has changed,
I don’t miss you, I really don’t.
You did a good thing leaving me,
A bolt from the blue was what I got,
But new things happen, and old things go,
Bygones are bygones, you must know.
You thought you’d punish me by going,
I really don’t care what happened,
I do not apologize, I never will,
But I still remember that last bill,
Which came with the last date we had,
I burnt it up, I was so sad.
But no more sadness, no more grief.
I’m thankful to God who made you weep.
The roads here still people walk,
The markets here still people crowd,
Yes, nothing has changed without you with me,
And nothing will change, I assure you that,
And so at last, and so at least,
Remember me when you cry like a beast,
And I will laugh when I realize,
That I was the one because of whom someone cries.

From this Side to that

From This Side to That
From This Side to That

My dream is to go to that side of the river, where the fields are lush and the trees are green, where people stay and days are serene, where I have someone to talk to… This side is barren, dirty and numb, the trees are dead without leaves and flowers.. the barricades stop me from going to that side.. but I need to go, I need to go. The boat is there, no boatman alas! but I’ll row it and I will go, once i reach the boat, once I reach the boat..

Dark Mornings 2

Yes, it is true that change is inevitable, and yes, it is true that what has gone will never come back, for the sands of time, once slipped from between the fingers, however hard you try, can never be recollected and put together again on the same hand. They say, “Let bygones be bygones”. I say, “How can anyone?” How can you forget the soil in which you were first planted? How can you forget the air which you breathed throughout your life? How can you forget her who you loved throughout your life?

Yes, this morning was dark. Dark enough to keep birds in the nests and terrorize them not to leave their sweet homes. As I sit on the verandah, introspecting my life, the deeds I did, the deeds I didn’t, the deeds I should have done long ago but never did for fear of consequences, and for which I am paying off now, the deeds.. I wish everyone should be given a second chance. A chance to relive life. A chance to undo all the mistakes, a chance to correct all the shortcomings, a chance to forget everything that we wish to, a chance to get brainwashed, just one chance would do though..

The clouds of grief have darkened this morning. Or should I say, the clouds of disbelief, or the fog of irrationality, or something completely alien to me, something which is abstract.. I know it’s there, intangible.. Yet the clouds will get overburdened one day, and then they will rain, and consequently they’ll disappear, and light will come again in my life, those sunny mornings will come again in my life, I am sure about that. I just need to wait… wait… wait…


When you get tired of seeing me unhappy,
And you find no means of making me happy,
When you get time to think about me,
Call me O lord to you and I will follow thee.
Tired of this world and frustrated am I,
The people over here are cold and wry,
Living skeletons and dead flesh stay here,
Call me O lord and I will see you near.
Kill me tonight, however you may wish,
As out of water dies a fish,
Take my life and make my wish come true,
Tell me You want me near you too.
Burnt is my home, the home of love,
Hatred wins all time, living is tough,
You made me to live, now kill me soon,
I want to see heaven and with it the moon.
There was a time my love used to flourish,
No one did think one day it would perish,
I wish only I had not surrendered,
For that moment itself my love was murdered.
Bled it so much that red became the sea,
And no one could recognize that it was me.
The same moment has come again you see,
So call me O lord, and I will follow thee.