Of Late

So yes I have been away for a long time, coming up only now and then with short poems. So here’s an itinerary of what I have really been up to all this while. I intend to keep this short, unless it shoots for more than what it aspires. There are three things that I treasure the most in my life. One of them is of course, writing for this blog. The other two are what I have been up to all this while.

One of my biggest treasures is travel. And that is what I have been doing quite a lot for some time. It started in April when I was on a one-month visit to South Korea. There are so many places and so many experiences packed into that thirty-seven day trip that should I begin to tell you about it, it would never end. We visited numerous places, from forts to museums, from amusement parks to night clubs, from malls to islands, and what not. Though the weekdays remained tightly scheduled with my office work, (yes, I was there on a business trip representing my team in Samsung India), I tried and took every measure to not waste even a single second of any weekend. I stayed at Suwon, and during my stay visited a number of different cities: Gangnam, Itaewon, Jeongdae Everland, and of course, the capital of Korea, Seoul. The cultural heritage and the clubbing spirits are both excellent. Everland is one of the best amusement parks in the world, and you should read or see a video about the T-express to know and experience what I did. The island of Namiseom was famous for water sports and apart from the various activities that we did there, I ticked one of the experiences off my bucket list – bungee jumping. Coming back to the office premises, the campus is huge and pretty and wonderful. But you are not allowed to take a camera inside the premises. In fact, they do put slits on the cameras of our smartphones. However, there is one day reserved each year where this rule does not apply. It is on the Children’s Day in Korea, celebrated on the 5th of May every year. To my good luck, I was present to witness the fun side of Samsung as well. There is too much about Korea that I want to tell you right now, but I will save that for a later post, because this post is getting too long.

Once I came back, I started reading the Shiva Trilogy. The Shiva Trilogy is a set of three books: ‘The Immortals of Meluha’, ‘The Secret of the Nagas’, and ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’, that take one through an amalgamation of Hindu mythology with modern-day fiction. Though the language is pretty simple and pedestrian, the first couple of books do run at a pretty good pace and keep you glued to the books. The third book, however was a disappointment. However, that is only my personal opinion and it should not reflect on yours, should you decide to read the books. Give them a try, you might get fascinated by it. Amish, the author, is now writing a prequel trilogy to the book as well, which you might want to try reading, should you be free. The first book of the trilogy, ‘The Scion of Ikshvaku’ is already out. After this ended, I picked up a novel by Jeffrey Archer, ‘A Prisoner of Birth’, which I finished with today. The book is really gripping one, with an ending that you will not expect normally, even if you consider all twisted plots, and I strongly recommended you to read the novel.

A couple of months had passed since the Korea trip and I had not travelled. So, I made plans. This time the plans included family. Since I have decided to devote time to family more than I used to do earlier, making a travel plan with them seemed the right thing to do. We went on a ‘Teerth Yatra’, which roughly translates to ‘Holy Trip’ in English. We went on a two-day trip to Haridwar, saw how the people worship the river Ganges. The Ganges is considered the holiest river of India. We then moved further north to Rishikesh, and though the famous rafting and ziplining was shut down due to rains, we had a pretty good time doing temple-hopping. Not me really, but I am sure my parents must have had. We came down east towards Mathura and Gokul and spent a couple of days there, and visited the birthplace of the eighth Avatar of Vishnu, Lord Krishna, and nearby places which are famed for being the areas where the Lord spent his childhood. Since now I am talking too much about Gods and holiness, I guess I should just stop abruptly and move on to the next topic.

I finished a couple of courses in Coursera in among the time that I got between all this, and also signed up but left another couple of courses because of time constraints. The summer mostly tried its best to kill me, but on many weekends I kept roaming around with different groups of friends. On one such occasion when I was at a pub in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, we attended a live concert of a local band called Tarkash; the lead sang pretty good but it was the guitarist and the drummer who really stole the show.

So much for now. I must go because I have other pressing work to complete, but now that I am here, I intend to stay here a bit longer and bring out more posts which I hope you will like. The mind works in strange ways. When I started writing Confrontation I had a lot on my mind when I stopped writing the piece. I was sure I will get back to it later after I got over with the work that had let me to stop writing it midway. However, when I sat down again with the verse, I had completely forgotten what I was to do with it. And so, I scrapped the idea of a second part. Similarly, when I wrote Abyss 6, I was sure I wanted to finish it on a happy note for a change, but then things turned around when all the memories of the past gushed in out of nowhere. Alright then, since I am not making much sense anymore, and since you might be confused already with the to and fro thought process that I am going through, I am going to leave you at your peace and meet you soon. With another post. Until then


I was running, running fast,
And though I was panting, I did not stop,
Chasing you till the last of my breath,
You were wearing a white shroud,
And moved with the speed of light.
Just now you were in front of me,
And now behind my back.
The moon, nascent tonight,
Hidden by clouds for most of the time,
So that I had to squint my eyes
To see you.

You were petrified,
I could smell it from afar.
I was still running, but now I was a hound.
Snow white fur, smeared with red,
Red from the blood when I had snatched at your leg.
I tasted the blood, and it was not human,
And suddenly I saw you changing,
You were not you anymore.
But you couldn’t decide what you wanted to become,
You became a cat, and the next moment you were a tiger.
Your eyes gleamed and stared at mine,
And you saw how I felt for you.

Then suddenly you roared,
And now you were chasing me,
And I was running for my life.
I saw a pack of hounds at a distance,
It had to be my pack,
And I ran towards them.
But they melted into the fog, as soon as I reached them.
I turned back to face you,
And suddenly you weren’t a tiger anymore,
You had my face now.
I felt as if I was looking into a mirror,
Only I was fair, and you were dark,
‘Are you my twin?’ I asked you.

And I heard your voice, for the first time,
As you said, ‘No’.
I needed answers, questions ruffled my mind,
Who were you? Who am I?
You melted into the snow, suddenly you weren’t there,
But I realized I was wrong,
When I looked at the snow crawling up my feet,
You were gnawing at me, trying to turn me into you,
Shaking you off my leg, I ran again.

‘Why are you running away from me?’
‘Why don’t you embrace me?’ You asked.
You were running beside me now,
Snowflakes on your face, you were now as white as I.
‘Who are you?’ I asked you,
And you looked at me and smiled and said,
‘I am Man’.
And I came to a halt,
Transfixed as I was.
Haven’t I really been acting stupid all this while?

‘We were to rule this world like friends,
But you alienated me’, you said.
And I, teary-eyed, had nothing to say.
We were two sides of the same coin.
‘Why do I worship you?’ I asked.
‘Why do you control my fate?’
You smiled.
‘It is but fair,’ you said.
‘Why? Whom am I?’ I asked.
You replied, ‘You, are God.’

I tried pulling my hair apart,
And ran and ran through the snowy desert,
Until I found a cave to hide from you.
I took a boulder and covered the entry,
But when I turned around to look inside the cave,
You were already there
And the cave had turned into a hollow.
You encircled me, walking round and round,
And I, half-decimated,
Shut my ears and shouted loud,
But who would come? I wondered.

You took my arm and led me out,
And pulled me out upon a cliff,
I was afraid, oh, I was frightened,
My hands tied, my hair, unkempt.
And suddenly without saying anything,
You pushed me down the cliff,
And I was in air, gasping for breath,
Shouting for help, shouting loud.
I saw a raven fly, but it kept going farther
As I kept nearing the ground below,
And then I hit the ground.

When I woke up hours later,
I realized I cannot move,
My legs were broken, and so were my hands,
And I would never walk again.
I could see a silhouette of a man above,
Through eyes that I could only slightly open,
My head was on his lap, and I asked feebly,
‘Who are you?’
He looked at me with his shiny eyes,
Smiling at me all the while,
Ran his fingers through my hair,
And whispered softly into my ear,
‘I am Satan.’


Walked through deserts, and walked through rains,
Climbed up mountains and went down valleys,
Passed churches, mosques and temples alike,
Travelled to countries, and rode through villages,
And yet never felt so much a difference,
As to when a child cried of hunger,
As to when a mother cried her pain,
When a baby cackled in laughter.
Through dust and storms I walked and walked,
Until I reached the end of the lane.
And I walked back again, to where I started,
And I learnt that life is but a circle,
Serving you for dinner what you served them in the morn,
And it’s up to you to decide in advance,
How cold or warm you want it to be.

An Unfulfilled Dream

He pricked a thorn to see if it were true,
All the while believing he was living a dream,
For what he saw was not of this world,
The world he knew had brutalities extreme.
People walked by, smiling at each other,
The pretty little girls with pretty blue eyes,
He was amazed to see how no prying eyes,
Scanned them from top to bottom.
On the other side, a lady stood,
A group of men beside her too,
He was amazed to see how neither cared,
And stayed as if the other didn’t exist.
In his world, things happened differently,
But he wished this world was his,
For he had dreamed for a while, for this to happen,
And how now he savored it.
When the mendicant outside cried for money,
People didn’t throw waste food at him,
When the eunuch smiled at the guy beside him,
He smiled back too, shaking hands for a second.
He was amazed how this world had changed,
And thanked God for a while for fulfilling his dreams,
Only then he realized the thorn wasn’t pricking him,
And woke up dismayed, back into this world.

Aadat 2

Raeth ke mehel banaa ke chain ab kahaan milega tujhe,
Jo samandaron mei doob ke motiyaan churaata hai.
Faqr se jeena tha aur ye kahaan theher gaya hai tu,
Ke aasmaan bhi tujhe bula raha hai, ja usse mil le.

Nadiyon ki dhaaraayein badal jayenge tu ik baar koshish toh kar,
Watanon ki seemaayein toot jayengi tu ik baar koshish toh kar,
Gaane kuch aise gungunaa, kavitaayein kuch aisi likh,
Ke jag aansoowon mei liptay agar, toh bhi saath mei liptay.

Kahaani adhoori hai jo, usay ek muqaam de kar ja,
Rehguzar ki tarah bhatakte aawaam ko, muqaam de kar ja,
Ke jitno ne ki iltija, rabb ne toh sab ki nahi suni,
Par jitne tujhse apni bayaan farmaate hai, unko muqaam de kar ja.

Sheeshe ke mehel mei raha tu, kisi ne phir bhi kabhi pathhar na uthaya,
Mehfuz jinke yaadon mei raha tu, unpe kisi ne aankh na uthayi,
Taqdeer mei likha tha kuch, kisi aur ko apnaaya tunay,
Khuda hai tu, ya insaan, tu hi bata.

Aadat hai mujhe aksar raaton ko sapnon mei udne ki,
Aadat hai mujhe aksar dinon mei khwaab bunnay ki,
Par tujhse mila toh yeh ehsaas hua hai mujhe,
Khwaab adhoore sahi, khwaab humaray toh hain.


Will the shores keep me with them,
Or the water carry me along,
To dump me at another shore,
When I crumble down into sand?
Will the child make a castle,
Or throw me into her eyes,
Angry that she was fake,
When I crumble down into sand?
A house of me, where crabs would stay,
Or one which is kicked by the dog,
Will the sun cool me at noon,
When I crumble down into sand?
When at night the cold wind blows,
Will it take me to the cloud with it,
Or mix me with itself and confuse my paths,
When I crumble down into sand?
Will I have my money with me,
Or my car and the house I live,
Will my love still hate me,
When I crumble down into sand?
Will I speak then for myself,
And for others who have turned down,
Will a stir in me frighten the rich,
When I crumble down into sand?
Nothing is forever, all’s fake,
I will rise tomorrow if I fall today,
And to a newer height I will reach in my next life,
After I crumble down into sand.

How Long

Tonight you may keep quiet,
Expect me to understand,
But what if I understood wrong?

Now that I know what you think,
Now that I love what you do,
Now that you come in my dreams,
Now that I wish you were for always,
Let this moment exist.

How long will this go on,
How long will you keep dumb,
How long will you make me wait,
To hear what you’ve wanted to say for long?

A moment lost is never regained,
And the first step is never a fail,
Take it once, try it once,
You may fall, but I am there to hold you up.

Hold my hand lest you fall,
Hold my life lest I fall.