#3 – Fallen Leaves

Bello and Brad walked hand in hand. One’s hair was black, and the other’s brown. They loved each other immensely. Bello was a man of twenty-four, well clad in a knight’s armor, which quite suited the scar on his face. Brad was only a boy of eighteen. And though he was young, he was almost as tall as Bello. But they walked hand in hand, their fingers intertwined, and planted kisses on each other’s lips all the way from the village to where they halted now.

“The fallen leaves fly in air, go to distant places; do they go to those places where people have the answers to my questions? Why do they not come back and tell me what they came to know from the people of the other world? The leaves die, yet they still stay on earth, beside their mothers, beside their lovers, around those who they’ve spent their entire lives with, then why don’t we? Why do we always go far from our near ones when we least want to? Millions of questions and no answers,” said Bello.

Brad sat beside the river, looking meticulously at it, how it flowed rapidly through the stones, how the fallen leaves flowed with it, how everything except them was moving, only they were still, still as a statue, and he had no idea what was happening and why it happened. The river flowed sometimes this way, sometimes the other, it knew it had to reach the sea, and it could follow any path to get what it wanted. Why was then he sitting still without getting what he wanted? The doubt. The doubt if he would ever reach where he wanted to. That would always keep them both a pace behind everyone else. Yet it was not forever destined to be this way.

He wondered that only after death do the leaves turn from yellow to red. Similarly even the rose of his life would turn from yellow to red only after he died. What was he talking about? He sometimes felt that he spoke utter nonsense, and sometimes he felt his senses themselves spoke to him, trying to show me the path, wrong or right he did not know, the only thing he knew was that he had to move on it. And he was ready to move on it, go where his heart took me, even if it lead him to death. And death is to come, it had already announced its coming. His only work was to stay patient and wait for it.

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Then and Now

Its three and a half years, and still nothing has changed,
I was happy then, I am happy now,
But a portion of my heart still laughs at me,
Tells me I can’t lie to it and get away,
And I find myself back to where I begun everything,
That evening, that night, those words, my plight.
Come summer and to that day rewinds my life,
When it first all began, the end of everything,
And when I think about it I quietly smile,
That I am happy now, and I was happy then.
Some things are meant to happen and be forgotten,
This was no doubt one of them for sure,
Then why does my mind, my heart, and my soul,
Tend to keep it stored safely within it somewhere?
Sometimes on a moonlit night when I look at the moon,
I promise to you everything will be good again,
And then I laugh at myself how I saw your face in the moon,
When it was something that one could never get.
Somewhere deep inside somebody tells me,
All is well, you know you did the right thing,
Then tonight why do I wait for you, at the same place where you left me?
The moments we shared, are safe with me,
Come back once, and take them with you,
So that we double them and keep them with us,
Your love, your eyes, my pain, my cries.


When you get tired of seeing me unhappy,
And you find no means of making me happy,
When you get time to think about me,
Call me O lord to you and I will follow thee.
Tired of this world and frustrated am I,
The people over here are cold and wry,
Living skeletons and dead flesh stay here,
Call me O lord and I will see you near.
Kill me tonight, however you may wish,
As out of water dies a fish,
Take my life and make my wish come true,
Tell me You want me near you too.
Burnt is my home, the home of love,
Hatred wins all time, living is tough,
You made me to live, now kill me soon,
I want to see heaven and with it the moon.
There was a time my love used to flourish,
No one did think one day it would perish,
I wish only I had not surrendered,
For that moment itself my love was murdered.
Bled it so much that red became the sea,
And no one could recognize that it was me.
The same moment has come again you see,
So call me O lord, and I will follow thee.


Let me sink into your ocean of love,
Sometimes salty, sometimes sweet,
I promise you today never will I you cheat,
Oh my lady magic, my pretty dove.
Stay calm and the ask them to not arise,
The tide angry by the false love shown,
It has for the moon the same affection borne,
And will continue to do so till its demise.


Fair-skinned lady, oh watery skin,
Listen to me, let’s go run away somewhere,
In a small cave far all our happiness we’ll share,
I love you more than your kith and kin.
Mother earth calls out, indulges me in you,
It’s only you about whom I do care,
You are my only gem precious and rare,
Let me drown myself in you.

Square One

So many things I thought that day,
So many promises I made that night,
That I would throw out of my life
Those incidents that passed with all my might.
There is no one in my life I thought,
And tried to pretend to myself,
That never ever did I know her,
And threw away the cards on that shelf.
Yet now after so so many days,
I finally realize God’s ways,
What he had intended by what he gave,
And what I thought was only my crave.
Those roads where we walked a hundred times,
Those dreams which we wove together at times,
All have broken for her may be,
But in my mind they still grow like a tree.
The string of love she may have broken,
Yet the other part of it is for me a token.
How much ever I think there is no one,
I know deep I have come back to square one,
That love of her, those moments we share,
Go tell her someone, that about her I still care,
And may be we will someday again meet,
Won’t cry, will smile, but beneath my feet,
The earth will crumble to pieces when I see,
That him of her where I should be.

Someone’s Need

Walking on the streets on a bright sunny day,
Wondering why the moon cast shadows yesternight,
And why the rains stopped so suddenly,
When yesterday they were crying with such might.
The blooming blossoms I crushed under my feet,
And spat on the ground a thousand times,

Cursed God for what he had done to me,

That no more in my mind the same bell chimes.

Something drastic had happened to me,

I don’t know how, I don’t know when,
As if after a thousand years,
Had fallen the nest of a lonely wren.
And I took out my wallet and from it the picture,
Tore it into pieces and flew it in the breeze,

The sunny morning was still as gloomy,
And my life was under her  seize.
When nothing came into my mind anymore,

And I couldn’t figure out where this road was leading me,
I turned back to see if I could return,
But alas, the road I was walking on was unknown to me.
So I had no choice but to move on it,
See where it would finally take me,
Whether there was a tunnel at the end,

Beyond which would be that evergreen tree.

The tree of love I had planted long ago,
That time it was only a seed,
But now that I had watered and nurtured it,
Would it have turned into someone’s need?