Quick – Chapter 8

A week later.

My beard had grown from a stubble to one which made me look like a beggar. I had been asked not to shave, and the reason that I could only comprehend was they were stupid. Turned out they weren’t.

A guy turned into my room. Name Charlie. Okay, I had got a second chance at figuring out what exactly this was about. Though I was almost sure nothing would turn up, just like always.

“Hallo,” said he.

“Hallo.” He looked strange; standing tall, almost one and a half my height, and had only one hand. His left eye was bruised, and his beard unshaven for almost half a year. In his only hand, he had a ring on each finger, thick rings, made of steel. He looked strong too.

“Komm, will mein Manager, Sie kennenzulernen.”

A week had rendered me useful in but one way, I now knew bits and pieces of their language. “in Ordnung,” I said.

The manager was strict, and a man who liked to speak to the point. “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

“Nein! Only little bit.”

“Then in English we must talk. Little bit I know English. We make comfort in that. Okay?”


“Cipher, you know? There is one. No one solves. Everyone foolish. I hear you good. Do it, and be free.”

“Okay.” So finally they give out why they keep me. Hah.

Quick – Chapter 7

She was there, turned into a fairy, flying about in the room. I could sniff blood around, and taste it on my lips as well, a salty taste; and then I woke up.

“Too much whisky, eh?”

“No, not much. That was only a quarter.”

“Yeah, and you’ve slept for four hours, on my bed, alone.”


“Yeah. I’ve got a message from the headquarters. You are to be killed.”


“Can’t you hear me, boy?”

“I can.”

“Good then. But I am not gonna kill you, so soon at least. Tell me what you know of this business.”


“Tell me what you know.”

“Nothing. I thought you were to break it to me.”

“Yeah. Too late though.”

“You know I can’t understand a penny of what you speak right now.”

“You’ve got a new life boy. A new name, a new identity.”


“Stay here, and you will know soon. Bye.”


The Cryptographer

“697 28oo e83 59eq6”
He sat and thought for a while,
Moving his pen in the air,
The coder had given him a hint,
“The answer is the letter below”.
He pondered over it for sometime,
And looked for a possible letter,
A letter which he might have missed,
Which contained the code for which he wished.
But alas! There was nothing, nothing of that sort,
And he was almost at the brink of thinking he lost,
When he finally decided to give it a few more tries,
For the fact he couldn’t break it seemed mere lies.
He switched on his computer,
And sat down to Google,
When all of a sudden,
He realized the simple doodle.
And now he could see through the code all the way,
He got up and went back and said,
“You will die today” is the message,
The coder wanted to reach you.
The people amazed, asked him in awe,
Whether he was sure of what he said,
And he said “Certainly” and then told them,
“The answer is the letter below”.
Puzzled again when he was asked,
He explained how simple it was,
To look at a keyboard of a computer and write down,
The answer which was “the letter below”.