Thank You!

This morning has been especially happy for me. The reason is you. As a result of the tremendous support that you readers have shown towards me, “Black Rose” is now a proud owner of a 100 followers. This is a great achievement for someone like me, who has always considered this blog to have a special place in his heart. I do not want to write much in this post, I only want to express my heartfelt gratitude to every one of you who has participated in this journey with me, and I hope I take you on a much treasured ride, as you follow my posts, and in turn, my life.

Finally a Graduate

A lot is on my mind right now. I am officially an engineer now.

Er. Anindya Dutta. Sounds cool. I spent the entire weekend back at my college with friends, one last time, reminiscing all the fun and frolic we had in the last four years. Looking back, I have changed so much in the last four years that if someone was there who hadn’t met me these four years, he or she would be taken aback at how I have become. There is a lot of learning that I am taking back, but if I were to choose the most important thing that I have learnt in these four years, I already know what the answer is. It is to keep moving on.

Moving on. People would say it is easier said than done. However, as a guy who has had a first-hand experience in this, let me tell you something that you should know. It is not tough to move on. You sometimes need to. You sometimes have to. You sometimes must. Leave it be. Some things are meant to just leave them be as they are, for moving mountains to make paths is tougher than making paths through mountains. A college is a place where you are supposed to fall for someone, fall deep for that person, yet when the time comes, God forbid it comes, but if it comes, you should have the guts to move on. It will pain, that’s true. But it will wither off, in due time, like the scabs on the toes after running naked-feet on the sands for days, constantly burning because the salt of the sea waters, but slowly healing, forming a tough skin, that the water cannot pierce through anymore.

Life is not a race. College is not a competition. You do not need to aspire to be the top scorer. Live your life, for once this goes away, it won’t come again. And when after working for twelve hours a day, you come back tired from your office, tune in to the radio in your car, and your favorite song from college plays, don’t hold back your tears. Cry it out. Cry. Weep. Feel sad. Feel nostalgic. Don’t suppress it. Don’t be stoic. Because that is not who you are. You are you, and you should remember that. Don’t fall for life. Ever.

Until later.

Technical Posts Shifting to LinkedIn


Small update. Now on the technical posts will be available on LinkedIn. This is so that more people can have access to it in a more professional manner. I can still copy the posts on WordPress, but it will cause a lot of unnecessary redundancy in case I am to write a lot more of those than I am right now.

To find me on LinkedIn, this is my public profile.

Shaena – Celebrating Two Years

Celebrating two years of completion since I first posted the last chapter of Shaena, here’s a treat to all of you who had loved the short story.

The story is now available in PDF format. 😀 And the best thing is, it is only 9 pages long. Download it now and read it again! 😀 For I am sure you had loved it, and will continue to love it even more. Download it here.

So Far So Good

The month of August has particularly been prolific. 31 days, 31 posts. So far so good. If this continues, (which I don’t think will for long), I might end up with 300 posts by the end of this year. The problem out here is what is called the writer’s block. When you write a lot, after a point of time, you go out of topics. You don’t have things to write. You start repeating yourself, become monotonic, and then the reader feels he is kind of reading the same thing over and over again, and ultimately gets bored and leaves your blog. But that, fortunately, won’t be the case here. Ask me why.

The sole reason is that I have a great plan for September. I am not sure how much I’ll be able to carry that out, but if things go well, you might see a number of posts in September too. Most of them will be issues I think, though some might be verses as well. I have suddenly grown a new fondness for verses. And also, backstage, what am I doing? I am preparing the manuscript for my next story. That comes as a surprise, no? I am not going to reveal the topic out here, because I seriously don’t know how good it is going to go, or how long it is going to take me to finish it off. But yes, soon enough, I think. And apart from all that, we also have Project SMID – a new initiative, about which I’ve discussed in the previous post, and which, if goes down well, might inspire a lot of other people around the world, which would be in fact, my greatest accomplishment of all time.

What else have I been up to? So, if you’ve been following my personal posts, you’d be knowing I have been taking up courses for Cryptography 1 and Machine Learning. Well, now, I have finished my course on Cryptography, and so am kind of a cryptographer Level 1. Just kidding. There’s still some time for Machine Learning to end. I have my exam in the mid of next month, so I need to devote a bit of time there too, and probably that is the reason I should stop posting now, for at least a month. But, procrastination, is a bitch. And the more I have thought about stopping to write my posts, I have written only more.

But all’s well that ends well. This month was good, nothing bad happened with me; I also started some work back in my office, which mostly includes analyzing a lot of code and finding out stuff, but I don’t want to get technical right away, so maybe I’ll talk about that later; also I don’t know how much I can talk, so yeah, that’s there too. Anyhow, time for me to stop this month. Will see you soon with lots more. And if everything works out well, I might end up with 300 posts, just as I had written at the beginning of the post. Now that the post is turning around a full cycle, I am going to stop.


The New ‘Black Rose’

Hello readers! So you must have noticed a few subtle changes in the overall blog, and may have wondered why they were made. This post here is to discuss the changes that have been made in the blog and why they have been done so.

New Blavatar
The blavatar (logo on the blog’s tab and on the left hand of Black Rose) has changed. It now has a white background instead of black. It symbolizes duality in all forms, and that nothing is entirely black, nor entirely white. We need to see both sides to everything, and that will help us realize the true potential within ourselves.

Removal of the Tagline
Over years, the tagline has changed again and again, Black Rose – this, Black Rose – that. However, a change in perspective has led to me believing that Black Rose stands for itself, irrelevant of the tag, irrelevant of what I think it is about, because it depends on what you think it is, and how you connect to it. Each one has his own perspective and hence a no-tagline scheme symbolizes the change where you decide how you connect to this blog.

To Infinity and Beyond
It is a menace to keep clicking show more posts. The new Infinity and Beyond system removes the follow button and stats from the bottom of the blog, allowing you to scroll indefinitely and keep reading as long as you are free. Of course, you can still follow me by clicking on the top bar, beside my blog name. 🙂

No Footers, No Sidebars, No Nothing
Sheer reading. No distractions. No photos from Instagram, no calendars and categories and tag clouds. Nothing. Now use the entire space on your screen only for reading, and sheer reading. Because that is what you came here for.

Removal of the Contact Form
The Contact Me form is no longer available. I realised that most of my readers talk to me, and convey their thoughts through comments on the relevant posts. Hence keeping a separate Contact Me form seemed redundant, and not much used anyway.

Removal of Shaena – the Page
Well, I lost a couple of comments there, but hey, when I was cleaning up my blog I realised, that since most of you have already read the posts and commented on them, there is no point maintaining a separate page for that. Instead, I have archived all the posts together and you can still read them without having to look for them separately here.

Removal of Autumn – the Page
This seemed logical. The extension of the 4-chapter Autumn into a 15-chapter novelette meant a very very long page, and I am almost sure no one has that much of patience when it comes to reading blogs. Taking into consideration the human concentration span, I have converted this into a set of fifteen posts, that is available somewhere under All Posts.

The New Thin One Band Menu
As a result of removal of all the redundancy, we now have a thin one band menu, that takes up minimal space, allowing you to both access important stuff, as well as not get bogged down by its size, so that you can get a better reading satisfaction. 🙂

I hope the new changes in the overall appearance proves more satisfying and that you have a wonderful time reading.
Thank you.

What’s Up

Hello again.

So, the month of July is at its end, and as promised, ‘Black Rose’ now has a collection of two hundred posts, the last sixteen of which were published this month, under the new category ‘Autumn’. Now I realize it may be a huge overstepping to assume you have loved each and every chapter in the category, but I hope you liked it overall, and somehow connected through it, and may be even liked it chapter for chapter. Thank you for that, if it is so.

But it is time to move ahead. So what have I been up to while you were reading ‘Autumn’? Well for that I will have to begin from the beginning of July, and so it might be a long post, but I’ll try to bring it down to a small topic, postponing more minute details for later posts. Among happening things, I paid a visit to Agra. If that name strikes a chord with non-Indians, you’re probably not wrong. Agra holds in it one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. I’ll obviously not bore you with its descriptions, which you might have already learned time and again in history books or if you were ever doing a thesis on it, and so I’ll keep it short by saying, it was a good trip, but I think a trip in the winter would have probably helped me appreciate the Taj more than I did this time. Moving on, so, yeah I am an engineer now; which for those who are new to Indian college system, means that I have finished four years of my undergraduate studies and now have a ‘placement offer’, which really means that I work in a firm for nine hours a day to earn a living. Yeah, four years have passed, isn’t it sentimental? I had started this blog five months into my college. Long time. Anyhow, so while I work for most of the day, I do have free weekends when I try to do some writing for the blog, some learning up of vocabulary so that my future posts could have a little more of better words, new words. Neologism it is called, the making of new words; well that is something I learnt while learning new words. There.

In other news, when on one hand I have stopped reading ‘A Feast for Crows’, postponing it for a later time when I have lesser things on my mind, right now I am taking up two courses on Coursera, which I hope, would help me increase my value; to what extent, only time can say. Andrew Ng from Stanford has offered a course on Machine Learning, which is very interesting indeed; I urge you to look it up online sometime and may be take the course when it is offered the next time, you will probably have a very good time through it. Dan Boneh, also from Stanford, is offering a course on Cryptography, which is a bit difficult, at least for me, since I did not have the course in my college, but it is okay and kind of doable; you might want to go online and check the site for more courses which are better aligned to your interests.

Apart from that, what else is on my mind? I have started working out a little, so you might see a completely reformed ‘me’ in a few months from now. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Coming to my blog, well August would be slightly less packed, and I think I will put up not many verses and prose around here this month, so that if you really want to read and haven’t read ‘Autumn’, may be you can read them up. I have an array of plans for this blog ahead, which will represent the new ‘Black Rose’, celebrating two hundred posts. You might see a shift in ideas, a change of paradigm, and a new approach to writing. Apart from that, I really want to delve more into analytical writing, and reviews, but I don’t know how much successful either of them would be. So I think I will start with analytical writing soon, writing on issues and interacting more with you, talking more about what your views are, and how they are aligned or not aligned with mine. So yes, that might be an interesting notion, which I may experiment with, soon.

Fiction. Well, no, I think I am not going to post much of fiction in the coming two months. For fiction, you will have to wait until October, when I promise I will bring to you a new dimension of fiction for this blog. They say though you might not always get what you wish for, you will always get what you work for. I want to put this thought into action and stop for now, and go do some work that might help me. Happy reading! And I hope the verses this month help you develop a keener sense of imagination, and a predilection towards fantasy.