As Morning Creeps In

Early Morning Boating

The sky’s not clear, and though the others sleep,
I boat my way as the morning creeps,
Stopping not to look behind, moving forward always,
For in the end it is this happiness which stays.


Sad Mornings

Sad Mornings
Sad Mornings

The mornings used to be happy till today, until suddenly everything started going wrong.. Sitting outside I still cannot figure out why everybody left this place; here I was, happy with everyone, and now, suddenly the whole place is empty, all gone.. to where I don’t know. When will they return? To whom will I talk? When will there be light in our home? Everything is only a question..

Walking through the Slums

Walking Through the Slums
Walking Through the Slums

Is it the city, or the village? Or rather a hybrid of both? Walking through the slum, I felt as if a new world had opened it horizon to me, a unique type of life I had never come across till today.. a simple yet complicated one, a sad yet satisfied one, a wry smile on the faces of all, with a sure hope that happiness will knock on their doors certainly one day..

The River That Flowed

The River That Flowed

 The air smells of peace, the people breathe tranquility, and the river is serene. It’s as if the whole world is stagnant, and the river moves, telling the people of the path it followed, and of the peace that existed here, spreading it out to the world…

Fishing at Sunrise

Fishing at Sunrise

With no work at home, I have resorted to sketching. 😛 This sketch is inspired from my childhood memories of the village we used to visit during our holidays, and the memories of villagers fishing at sunrise, when I felt too lazy even to wake up.. 🙂

Afternoons and Misfortunes

Sultry Days

I walk alone on an unknown path, not knowing to where it leads,
Where I will reach no one knows, going somewhere where me someone needs.

From this Side to that

From This Side to That
From This Side to That

My dream is to go to that side of the river, where the fields are lush and the trees are green, where people stay and days are serene, where I have someone to talk to… This side is barren, dirty and numb, the trees are dead without leaves and flowers.. the barricades stop me from going to that side.. but I need to go, I need to go. The boat is there, no boatman alas! but I’ll row it and I will go, once i reach the boat, once I reach the boat..