Black Rose

Black Rose’ stands for a commitment that is deep and rare, just like the flower itself. It symbolize undying hope, optimism and expectation that  will someday be a reality.

This blog is a collection of poetry, prose, discussions and sketches that I have worked upon for the past three years and ongoing. Being an amateur in this field, I have tried to do justice to this field with utmost care. What I write is fictitious; however, if it bears any resemblance to anything experienced by any reader, I request you to consider it a mere coincidence. Most of the poems that you’ll find in here in written in the genre that I praise the most – free verse. You can find all poems in the ‘All Posts’ category. I have tried to write in fields varying from love to nature, magic to commitment, family to folklore, and I hope you will like it.

You would also find a number of short stories here and there, as well as discussions of personal experiences in the ‘All Posts‘ category. Apart from this, if you have an eye for art, you can check out some sketches that I upload from time to time under ‘Sketches’.

You would also find five more stand-alone pages at this time. Starting from the oldest:

‘Stigma of Shame’, written in December 2010, is an excerpt from an essay that I wrote in school. It speaks about gender inequality, and why we should not support it. It raises a question, ‘Is Gender Equality still a Myth?’ and asks you to answer it yourself, and see if you can do anything for the betterment of the country, of the world. ‘Remnants’, written in December 2010, take you through the untold life of a soldier, through the untold miseries his family has to go through. It serenades the unsung soldiers, and is surely a thrill to read, with its mixture of poetry and prose.

‘Autumn’, written in February 2011, is a journey of life through its bad times. People have always glorified their good experiences in ballads and praises; Autumn tries to say that the bad experiences in life are equally important and that they form a permanent mark on our lives, for the better. This page existed till June 2014, when it was brought down. The content and the extended posts of  ‘Autumn‘ is available as posts in the weblog since August 2014. Under stories, you’d find ‘Shaena‘, completed in June 2012, is a story, which, depending on you, can be called or not called a love-story. It is a work of fiction, and my first attempt to write a long story; and Quick, completed in June 2014, which is a mystery-fiction story, which might be of your liking.

More pages and categories are yet to come. I invite one and all to participate in this love of writing, reading and interaction.

Have fun,

8 thoughts on “Black Rose

  1. I love this blog of yours. You are very artistic and creative in the way you write. Who says engineer can’t write now huh? lol.
    Thanks for passing by my blog although i don’t plan to write any longer. Hmm, I like your rose image. Something about you seems very familiar to me.
    Anyways, cheers. Keep writing, you are great!


    1. Hi, Amy. 🙂 I am happy you liked reading, and thanks a ton for your compliments. 🙂 I hope we meet again sometime, so that the familiar notion of urs comes true may be. 🙂


  2. AWESOME WORK ANINDYA!!! Had a great time going through your blog and poems!! Keep it up.. And I hope have used the same theme for their website right??


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