Should I?

Should I pour out my heart today,
Do I have the guts yet?
How many nights has it been now,
That I have slept without you by my side?
I have lost count of everything,
That once seemed to matter to me.
Now my whole world revolves around a single thought.
When will you be back?

I sit by the window, look at the trees,
Look at others walking down that lane,
Wasn’t it only yesterday that we did the same?
I think of unspoken nights, unspoken deeds,
How we fit the pieces of the puzzle,
To make it one whole, just like our lives,
Once wayward, without promises,
Now leading to one destination.
Now and then, when I look out into the street,
I see you and me walking, hand in hand,
I see you smiling at me, my life in your hands,
And you hold it close to yourself.

You’ve given meaning to my life,
Only to be away for so long,
And this is getting unbearable, for it has been,
It has been way too long without you.
I sit by the window, waiting for you,
When will you be back?