Abyss 7

Black skies and dark clouds,
A fence of barbed wire,
A thousand dreams on both sides,
Shattered by the coming in of day.
He looked above and he saw the sky,
As blue as it could ever have been,
But the ripples in it made him realize,
He was sinking deep down under.
He shouted for help, alas only bubbles,
Extended his hand, embracing the waters.
Reaching close to the bottom of the bed,
He closed his eyes and prayed one last time,
That somehow someone would pull him out,
His life, his dreams, his joys.

He saw plenty of reflections above,
Though if they were friends, he could not know,
For their faces seemed distorted, devilish each of them,
Or his eyes were hazy, forcing misconception.
Suddenly his eyes opened again,
It is just a dream, he thought,
But then a fish crossed him, wide-eyed and smiling,
And he knew his time was coming to an end.
He peered across to the edge of the river,
Looking for familiar faces, if only one,
He saw many of them, none too close,
But once he thought he saw his mother.
She put her hand forward for him to hold,
And once he had held it tight,
She started pulling him out, panting and huffing,
Now he was going up, up, up.
Oh the joy of the thought,
That he would be saved,
Oh the happiness of life,
Of fulfilling dreams yet only in mind,
But which would soon be set to purpose.
When suddenly he remembered,
His mother was dead,
Then who was it?
Looking down, he could still see,
His body lying feebly on the bed of the river,
And he heard her voice, from years long back,
I’ve longed to meet you my son,
Welcome to the Afterlife.

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