Kicking off with Blogging Anew

Hello everybody. I am doing something new this year for a change. I have signed up for a course on WordPress called Blogging 101. Today is the first day, and I hope that by the end of this course, both you and I benefit from this course. I am going to benefit because I am going to learn a lot in this process and it is going to help me become a better blogger. I wonder why I did not take this course five years earlier. You might benefit because you are going to get lots of posts from my end which might make your day interesting.

So today’s assignment is to publish a “who I am and why I’m here”, and I am going to start this year on a happy note by rediscovering myself.

Who I am
I had always wanted to become a linguist since I was small, but somehow I grew up to become a computer scientist. Being a computer scientist is fun, because honestly, there are lots of computer scientists out there, and you get to interact with a lot of people who have common interests. But that would be the ideal thing to say. The real thing then is this. People who grow up in developing countries, for example, I grew up in India; so these people always have this dream to visit the States some day. And being a computer scientist, it is not very difficult to land up in California if you have the right degree and qualifications. So then, have I been to California? Well, no. But I hope to be there one day, working with the best lot of people from the world. Will that dream ever be fulfilled? I cannot say, for soothsaying never got anyone anywhere.

I wonder why I am writing this when I already have an ‘About Me’ page. But then the course suggests that this would let me revisit what I said when I first started blogging. To be honest, five years down the line, a lot has changed. And I can actually see the difference through my posts, through the change in my styles of writing and the topics that I write about. Five years ago when I started, I was an immature kid who thought infatuation was the same as love, and that the only thing which is fun to write is love poems which rhyme at the end of every sentence. And my friends who have been following this blog since then truly know how much things have changed over time. For one, I am much happier than what I used to be. And I am really happy about the fact that I am happy. Well yeah, that is a redundant statement, but anyway.

Why I’m here
I’m here because I love to write. I’m here because I appreciate the fact that there are people who like what I write and inspire me to write more. More than once it has happened that I have decided to stop writing and move on to some other hobby. And each time, each single time, this blog has drawn me back to writing, much like a magnet attracts iron filings. No, I am not the iron filings. I think when many years down the line I will actually have lost the capability to sit at a computer anymore, my future generations would be proud that although their grandfather was really not famous, he did not give up his hobby, and that he persisted at what he liked. And thinking about that makes me happy.

Of course, I could maintain a personal journal. An interesting story out here is that when I was in first year of my college, I had initially started writing on OneNote because my diary ran out of paper, and I was being lazy and not buying a new one. So it went one for that for a couple of months or more, and then one day, a friend of mine read a poem out of my laptop. He was really impressed he said, and he suggested that I should start writing on a blog so that others could read what I wrote. I told him then, that I was not really writing for others, I just wrote because it made me happy. He said, “Yeah you be happy, but this might make others happy too.” I think that was the moment I realized I should start maintaining a weblog. I started one on Blogger, but it really did not turn out well, and I lost interest in it. After almost a month’s gap, I started writing here on WordPress. To my surprise, people left likes and a couple of comments on my posts. I had not expected that back then. I had thought I would write, maybe I would share the links with my friends and they’d read. But strangers reading my posts, however few they might have been back then, was really a motivating factor that drove me to write more. And thus I started my journey of blogging. And here I am, five years down the line.

Throughout years, I have shifted my focus to various topics, from love in 2010 to being mostly dreamy in 2015. This year my plans are a bit different. This year I plan to write about happiness. I feel there are too many people out here who write melancholic posts. And I am one of them, and I do not know if you would agree to this, but I feel writing posts that have a sad tone is much easier than writing a post about happiness. And so my aim this year is to explore more about happiness, to play with joy and to write about gleeful things. I do not know if I will succeed, maybe I’ll fall back to my old habits again, because habits die hard, but let’s see how things turn out.

If I blog successfully throughout this year, I will accomplish two things. Firstly, I have set a goal of 500 posts by the end of this year. This means that I would have to write another 150 posts this year, which is, to be frank, tough. But I intend to reach this goal if possible, because the last time I set a writing goal for myself was 2014, and I had been successful in it. So let’s see if I can live up to my goal. I would require your support, and maybe a new co-author (yeah, a little bit of cheating never harmed anyone, haha!). The second and more important thing that I wish to achieve this year is to hit 200 followers this year. This is going to be very tough, because I have gained only 135 followers in five years, so getting 65 more this year would be tough. But hey, you can help me in this. Shout out to your friends, tell them if you like my blog, what you like about it, show them a couple of my posts and maybe, just maybe, they’d follow too. Yes, I know I am being a little greedy, but who cares. It is just the beginning of a new year, and having high ambitions is a good thing at this point of time.

So that’s that for now. I do not want to overshoot because frankly I don’t know if this is going to be a boring read for you. But hey, I completed my first assignment, and I am a step closer to better blogging! Feels good to know that, eh? Have a good day you, and I’ll see you again with a new post soon.

Blogging U.

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