The Mermaid

A tide rose somewhere, and a boat sunk down,
Went down down down to the bottom of the sea,
And for the first time in his life he saw her,
Half of her looked like his wife, and half a whale.

She had big ears, and had gills for her nose,
And was a bright blue where the fish started in her,
Fairer her face than any he had seen,
And locks of golden brown hair huddled close.

She told him a story of love and war,
How she became what she became,
How the axe tore her through her midrib,
And how she was thrown into the waters.

The water Queen had bandaged her,
To the best possible sized fish she found,
And slowly each had grown into the other,
And had come to union and became one.

He, a lost soldier, now a fisherman,
Now dead, drowning, sinking,
Finally finds solace in meeting her,
Who he had mourned for so many years.

And she, oh tears well up,
And her throat goes dry though the seas surround her,
What could she say, and what would she say,
She had reunited with the love of her life.

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