Why do we Behave So?

Issue: People’s behavior is largely determined by forces not of their own making.

So this is a question which has been kept me wondering for long. Why do we behave so? Why is a person rude when he is in a bad mood and why is he not when he is happy? Is it a force? If so, is it an external force or an internal one? Is it true that people’s behavior is largely determined by forces not of their own making? And if it is so, why is it so? Who is controlling us if it is not us? I agree on the onset that this is a very stupid question, but nonetheless I am going to spend some time pondering over it and you are welcome to join me in doing so.

I am no psychology student, so perhaps my analysis is going to be very rough and sketchy, and it might be totally wrong, so if anyone out here, who is perhaps reading this, has a radically different opinion, I would request you to do share it in the comments section, and make this post a fruitful one. So let’s get down to the main story. A friend of mine asked me whether or not I agree to this motion. And I said, well, no. Or maybe partially yes, but definitely not a complete one. I do not completely agree with the motion that people behave depending on forces not of their own making. Believing in such a principle indicates that you have given up your power to decide how you should behave to somebody else, or something else. Who then do you think is responsible for the way you behave? And I have reason to refute it because I know a set of my friends who are so indifferent, that they do not really care what the others think or say or do or whatever. Clearly, there is no force acting upon them which causes them to react or behave differently. So maybe it is a weak motion in fact.

You can always choose to be happy or sad. Your mood and your behavior is your choice. Let me give you an example. If you are constantly upset over something, maybe you should realize it is time you moved on and let that factor be as it is. You cannot, at any time, let something affect you so much that it can start to control your behavior. If it does, it only means that you are not strong enough, and that it is high time you stop and think for yourself why you are doing what you are doing and how it is affecting you. I have so many short anecdotes in my mind, so many real experiences that I want to share with you right now, but I do not want to extend this post for more than long, lest you get bored and run away.

However, I do not completely disagree with the motion. Maybe after all there are some forces which are not of our making which can affect our behaviour. I could place an argument like this. If someone is affected by an earthquake and is upset, then well one can say that this behavior is due to a force which is not of his own making. Similarly, sometimes the atmosphere around you itself stinks of a sadness or an anger due to deeds committed by someone else or by a factor over which one might have absolutely zero control. In such cases, it is important for us to stay aloof of our surroundings and keep ourselves calm and composed. Because at the end of the day, your behaviour is going to affect you, and make you a better or a worse person, irrespective of the people around you, irrespective of the surroundings you are in, and irrespective of who you care for or who cares for you. Therefore, take a back seat, and chill. Think before you act. Behave as if you want to, not as others want to, because it is your life and you have the right to lead it as you want to, not as the others want.


2 thoughts on “Why do we Behave So?

  1. This question is intriguing and can be looked at by so many different ways. First thing first, our behaviour varies based on the context. If in a work setting, then yes, there is definitely an outside force that determines our behaviour, at least to a certain degree. Behaviour which stemmed from our emotion and thought, when placed in a more intimate setting, it is a force bouncing back and forth from one to another. Each person has a define mechanics whose works quite mysteriously. Take to the extreme, someone with intense charisma can dominate the crowd and instill beliefs which lead to certain outcomes. It’s because we have yet mastered the workings of our mechanics. I think that nature does influence us too. Like a macro cell imposes on smaller ones. But it doesn’t force us to do anything. As you said, if we are in control of ourselves and look after our behaviour, we will not fall short on blaming on other things outside of us. At the end, we can blame so much but it doesn’t change the result. So I like your attitude, very responsible. And as we continue doing what we do, nature will do what it always does. Like the clocks ticking to synthesize, it will come a day when s behaviour is a force and the right force will produce an outstanding behaviour.
    May the force be with ya:p


    1. Wow, this dimension I never thought about. Well yes, it might be true that indeed the ‘macrocells’, be it the literal ones or the ones present in the society, do have a certain degree of dominating skills, but being dominated over should be voluntary, should be out of our own will, and should be done only as much as which doesn’t affect our core being. Nature is something we can’t do anything about, so maybe we should just let it be as it is. But are we? That is another question for another time, maybe.

      But yes, I agree with you.


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