Yesterday night, I finished with ‘The Hobbit’. ‘The Hobbit’ is a story of a hobbit called Mr Bilbo Baggins, who is led out of his comfort zone into an adventurous journey through hills and vales and forests, with dwarves he doesn’t know. It is a story of conquering your fears, and trying to do something that you have always wanted to, but never felt that you could. The author tries to tell us through dwarves and goblins about the two kinds of people, the one who want peace and the one who wish for war. And though sometimes it may seem that the wrong side is winning, it is ultimately always the good who win. He teaches us, through his kiddish language, that money and riches are not everything and that the only things that are valuable are those that you take to your grave, and those are only memories. So you should spend more time creating memories than running after materialistic things. In today’s world, what material value is all what counts, this story reminds us of an alternate world that could be much better.

And indeed it is so. Children and youngsters today have happened to change their lifestyles to be drastically different from what their parents’ used to be. In a developing country like India, where the average person is more or less poor and trying to make ends meet by working ten hours a day, some of the others are busy ‘burning’ their money at malls, restaurants and other whatsoever places. I am not against them; well it is your money after all, who am I to judge? But sometimes I think if all of us could think a little before spending our money, then wouldn’t so much good come out of it? Save it for your future, save it for your children. If none of them suits you, just save it so that you can make proper use of it later.

Well, maybe I am not talking about other people at all. I think I am trying to reprimand myself for the way I have been acting over the past one year; spending so much without thinking, not caring where the money goes, not caring if it is right, following the oh-so-ever ideal principle of living in the present and not thinking about the future. But maybe thinking about the future is important after all. Now I see that I cannot retract my path. This post might actually not make sense to most of you if you haven’t been through what I have. This post is for those people who are not rich. This is for those who really do not have the money to enjoy each and every luxury that he or she wants to. My motto here is simple, and I advise this to all of you: Stop spending, start thinking. Because the lesser you spend, the more you realize that you do not really need all that. Less need, less want, less greed. Notch it down one scale and I am sure you will not lead a sadder life.

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