Dreaming on a Starry Night

He woke up all panting,
He had had a bad dream.

He had seen a war rage among the birds in the sky.
The eagle swooping down and perching itself,
Upon a carcass amidst the bloodstained grass.
He heard the clanging of swords upon shields,
The harks of men and the screeches of hawks,
The neighing of horses and trumpets of elephants,
He saw nothing.

He woke up with a fright,
Went up to his refrigerator to have a sip of water.
He came back and slept,
But the noise continued.
He now saw air missiles whooshing through.
People were running all about in mayhem.
Some screaming for their lives,
Some biting their tongues so hard they bled profusely.
At another corner of the ground,
He saw a man pulling three women by nooses at their necks.
They shouted.
He didn’t care.
He woke up again.

He looked outside his window,
Clearly disturbed by his dreams,
And stared at the gleaming stars above.
The night was silent,
And he heard the chirps of crickets.
When suddenly, out of the blue,
He heard a siren,
The siren for the curfew.
They were coming.
His dream come true.

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