I was running, running fast,
And though I was panting, I did not stop,
Chasing you till the last of my breath,
You were wearing a white shroud,
And moved with the speed of light.
Just now you were in front of me,
And now behind my back.
The moon, nascent tonight,
Hidden by clouds for most of the time,
So that I had to squint my eyes
To see you.

You were petrified,
I could smell it from afar.
I was still running, but now I was a hound.
Snow white fur, smeared with red,
Red from the blood when I had snatched at your leg.
I tasted the blood, and it was not human,
And suddenly I saw you changing,
You were not you anymore.
But you couldn’t decide what you wanted to become,
You became a cat, and the next moment you were a tiger.
Your eyes gleamed and stared at mine,
And you saw how I felt for you.

Then suddenly you roared,
And now you were chasing me,
And I was running for my life.
I saw a pack of hounds at a distance,
It had to be my pack,
And I ran towards them.
But they melted into the fog, as soon as I reached them.
I turned back to face you,
And suddenly you weren’t a tiger anymore,
You had my face now.
I felt as if I was looking into a mirror,
Only I was fair, and you were dark,
‘Are you my twin?’ I asked you.

And I heard your voice, for the first time,
As you said, ‘No’.
I needed answers, questions ruffled my mind,
Who were you? Who am I?
You melted into the snow, suddenly you weren’t there,
But I realized I was wrong,
When I looked at the snow crawling up my feet,
You were gnawing at me, trying to turn me into you,
Shaking you off my leg, I ran again.

‘Why are you running away from me?’
‘Why don’t you embrace me?’ You asked.
You were running beside me now,
Snowflakes on your face, you were now as white as I.
‘Who are you?’ I asked you,
And you looked at me and smiled and said,
‘I am Man’.
And I came to a halt,
Transfixed as I was.
Haven’t I really been acting stupid all this while?

‘We were to rule this world like friends,
But you alienated me’, you said.
And I, teary-eyed, had nothing to say.
We were two sides of the same coin.
‘Why do I worship you?’ I asked.
‘Why do you control my fate?’
You smiled.
‘It is but fair,’ you said.
‘Why? Whom am I?’ I asked.
You replied, ‘You, are God.’

I tried pulling my hair apart,
And ran and ran through the snowy desert,
Until I found a cave to hide from you.
I took a boulder and covered the entry,
But when I turned around to look inside the cave,
You were already there
And the cave had turned into a hollow.
You encircled me, walking round and round,
And I, half-decimated,
Shut my ears and shouted loud,
But who would come? I wondered.

You took my arm and led me out,
And pulled me out upon a cliff,
I was afraid, oh, I was frightened,
My hands tied, my hair, unkempt.
And suddenly without saying anything,
You pushed me down the cliff,
And I was in air, gasping for breath,
Shouting for help, shouting loud.
I saw a raven fly, but it kept going farther
As I kept nearing the ground below,
And then I hit the ground.

When I woke up hours later,
I realized I cannot move,
My legs were broken, and so were my hands,
And I would never walk again.
I could see a silhouette of a man above,
Through eyes that I could only slightly open,
My head was on his lap, and I asked feebly,
‘Who are you?’
He looked at me with his shiny eyes,
Smiling at me all the while,
Ran his fingers through my hair,
And whispered softly into my ear,
‘I am Satan.’

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