To the Stars

Look at the stars, shining above,
Each one shining bright just enough,
To light your world, and to light up mine too,
Smiling on us at every deed we do,
Yet have we paid enough heed to them,
The things they tell us, forewarn us?
They know our futures,
They’ve lived too long,
Seen the world build up from stones,
And seen it crumble as the dinosaurs died,
And seen how man rebuilt it,
With intentions good enough,
And seen how a man changed his intentions,
And know when the doom will come.
Talk to them, listen to them,
They’ll tell you whatever you want to know,
But whatsoever can we do,
Mere mortals on earth,
So let’s take a leap, a leap of faith,
And fly to the stars,
Stay there and build a new world for ourselves,
You be Eve and I be Adam,
And let’s build a new world,
In the stars.