Break words with me before the sun rises,
For at dawn you’ll leave for a new life,
Break bread with me, our last breakfast,
Thoughts piercing like a knife.
Fare thee well, blue-eyed girl,
You never told me where you came from,
I imagine a land full of fairies and dwarves,
Castles with gates unbroken by storm.
I had always wished to fly free like a bird,
You made that dream come true,
Yet slighted away at every chance,
Never let me come near you.
I know why, but don’t you fear,
No one’s going to harm you here,
For you are invisible to them, much like me,
And those who see you, are those who are free.
The others are but slaves, to their own gluttony,
But don’t you think about them,
Let them be as they are,
For whatever you try, they’ll remain the same.
So fare thee well, and the next time we see,
Promise me that we won’t shed a tear,
But will smile and pretend we never met,
But I won’t forget you, do not fear.

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