I wonder how it would be,
If something lasted forever,
Just like it is,
And if everyone accessed it commonly,
No separate quotas for everyone.
I wonder if we could take inspiration,
From how we share the sunlight,
And shared our wisdom, and our abilities,
Towards the development of ourselves.
Where people are not focused,
On trying to snatch out,
The biggest slice of a cake,
Because all the slices are cut equally,
Where gambling is just a word,
To exchange money, without losing it,
If everything were common,
Like the soil and the air,
How I wish I could have said,
Nature itself is static,
But now we do not share it anymore,
We are busy trying to make the best for ourselves,
It is a rat race,
A race which no one can win,
And yet all try,
And lose so much in the process,
Before learning to give in,
Before realizing that it is not really worth it,
Because by the time we realize,
It is too late,
We are probably on our death-beds.
And we try to tell our children,
Don’t fall for it like I fell in,
But we already know they won’t listen to us,
‘Cause they are already too busy running in the race.


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