Hurrah, this is my 300th post on this blog! 😀 Finally got to one of my goals.

It is perhaps rightly said that too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many wishes destroy the mind. Greed and avarice. Selfishness and being self-consumed. Too many plans for one day result in none getting completed. Too much of information never gets stored on a small memory card. We may try to outnumber ourselves to seek the better of us, but quite often, nature sets its limits for us. We have to, and compulsorily must, adhere to these limits, or see ourselves to our doom.

Eight represents the penultimate shell, the last rung of the ladder in a sense. You’ve come far up now, from the base, from Zero, from where you started. Yet, you must keep in mind that you might be close to the top now, but aren’t at the top yet. You must still strive as much as you did when you were on the first rung, because, because if you fall now, it will hurt hard. A scrape when you fell from the first rung, but now you might fracture a bone, you may even die. Why will you, though? You can simply jump and get on the highest rung, get to the top, everyone below you, a dream fulfilled. But no, you should not do that just now. You must wait, and be patient, for there is someone already there, waiting to stamp at your hands whilst you hold on to the rung, and push you down so that you would have to climb the whole journey again. And so you must be patient. You will find the use of all the virtues that you have learned but never implemented. The ones below you will give you all their support, and you would think that it is because they want you at Nine, but no, it is only because they want themselves at Eight, at your place. And when you fall, do you think they will come down with you? No, they will shove themselves like dogs fighting for a bone, the one you left happily for them.

But don’t be dismayed. You won’t have to wait much for Nine. If you’ve reached this far, you will make it to there. You definitely will. A blind man has only four senses, yet he makes such good use of them, that it is almost as if he had all five of them. You must not only make-do with what you have right now, but make the best possible use out of them, and you will see the rays of the sun, as you climb out of this well, into the sunlight, into the grasslands, and dry yourself in the morning sun, from the waters that you’ve been trapped in for such a long time. And you will smile, as you wipe the moss off your face, as you bathe again in fresh waters, as you run and free your tied legs, and as you see things in color, not anymore in black and white.

Seven | Nine


2 thoughts on “Eight

  1. 1-Congratulation.
    2-I like your observation in this series.
    3-Yes, too many cooks can spoil the broth. But then, lessons may not come so visibly at first sight. There is no mistake because we’re always learning.
    4-Freedom is liberty within a limit. Beyond it, it’s not freedom anymore. It’s slavery.
    5-Knowledge contained is worth to keep.


    1. This series has made me introspect a lot, and learn a lot in this process. “We’re always learning”. I so truly agree with this. It might not be technical, it might not be useful, but every single day, consciously and subconsciously, we learn so many new things. And I feel, the ones that we learn subconsciously, are the ones that we take along with us for a long time.


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