Wasn’t there a time when we really craved
For each other?
When we could not spend a moment apart,
When all we thought was about each other,
And the times that we were together,
We created so much of hotness,
That we could not handle it ourselves?
What happened to all of that,
Why is everything so cold now?
Where is the craving, and why have I lost it,
As much as you have?
We still love each other, right?
Or do we not?
I am really not sure about it,
But that raw feeling, like a winter breeze on a naked shoulder,
I miss that, and I know you do so too.
Am I being too straightforward here?
Should I wrap this entire thing up in cotton candy,
So that it is easier for you to gulp in?
Am I being rude, ’cause I don’t think so,
I just want to tell you tonight,
That may be, may be,
We could recreate it somehow,
Time-travel back to those days,
See how we did it, how we really liked it,
And how much different it is now.
The path we’ve taken is horrendously wrong,
You know it, and I know it,
But even so,
We keep walking, nervous much to retreat,
Because we really do not know,
If at all after we get back to the starting point,
We will find another road,
Or if this is the only path possible,
And then we would not want to redo this,
Because no one rereads a book that he knows will end sadly.

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