Hello Amy!

It is a new year, and I am trying to widen the horizon of this blog. The vertical growth of the blog has been tremendous, thanks to each and every reader who stops by, lingers around, and leaves a like or a comment for me to savor. It is now time to increase the horizontal growth of this blog. For the past four years, I have been trying to bring this blog to the correct audience. Now that I have finally found a trusting audience, it is time to talk more, and to talk about things that have not been posted here, to write about things that on one hand some people might find controversial, some would definitely look forward to it.

I have been reading a few blogs of late, and one important thing that I have realized is that we love variety. Unless there is a plethora of things to read from, one gets bored and shifts to another blog easily. We want all sorts of categories to read from, and different styles of writing. I wouldn’t say I am a very big critic of writing, but it is only a natural observation. We follow so many authors; what makes Dan Brown different from George R R Martin, though they both write fiction? Why don’t people like Chetan Bhagat but love Jhumpa Lahiri, though they are both Indian? When someone wants to read something tragic, why do we immediately refer Khaled Hosseini? It is because we like different styles. Keeping this in mind, for the first time in four years, I am bringing in a new ‘author’ for this blog. Please join me in welcoming Amy. It is my belief that together we will make this blog a much more fruitful experience and that everyone who comes here would love to stop by, have a cup of coffee and share our happiness for a few minutes, every single day of our lives. She has already started posting here and you can see her posts in the “All Posts” category along with mine.

Have a good day and hope to see you around more!

2 thoughts on “Hello Amy!

  1. Aww, I am reading backward to this and awwwww!!!!!!
    Thank you the articulate Anindya!! By the way, you seem like a reader. You read a lot. Maybe way too much for an average person.


    1. Sometime back, (two years ago I think?), I was on a reading spree. But then later, it decreased. I started reading lesser books because you know, I started watching TV shows and all. Last year, I finished five books, all of the same series. It is not difficult to guess I am talking about ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, by the sheer number of references made to Martin in the posts last year.
      But yes, whenever I am not busy, I like to read. It is fun! 😀


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