So much is pent up in my mind right now,
Like a bundle of clothes out of the washing machine,
All mixed up, intertwined, and in need of separation.
I remember the first time I had realized,
That what was between us, was different that it should be,
And I couldn’t tell it to anyone, not even you,
I knew you knew better than me,
The thing that we had fallen into,
It was wrong, and it was horrible to speak of,
But it was fun.
I remember your sly smiles,
Our eyes always watching out to see,
That our parents weren’t around,
For if they were to find out, what would happen of us!
This was wrong, we needed to stop,
But maybe one last time,
And the last time never came,
Until that day when I got caught.
I was reprimanded for every single thing,
As if it was entirely my fault,
And you were none to blame,
But I still took it upon me,
Because I loved you so much,
Because you meant everything to me right then,
Because we were much more than they thought we were.

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