I cannot bear this anymore. I need to tell you. I need to rant out every single thought that transpires through me right now. It should not be very difficult, but the tremendous number of thoughts that passes my mind each moment is what makes me nervous. For instance, it is only the fourth of January and I have already made some plans of what I will do when I get back home. And I am most probably going to go back home in October; that is ten months from now. I have been procrastinating my preparations for the upcoming test for a long while now and I think it is high time I started.

To begin with, my laptop has a defective CD drive. That makes all the difference in my life. For today when I wanted to put in a CD and listen to some tracks, I had to switch on a different laptop, mount the CD and make an ISO image, then transfer it to my phone since I lost my USB drive, then transfer the ISO to this laptop, and then I could start. So the amount of effort that I need to put unnecessarily in such trivial work is what blows my mind off. Just whoosh. I cannot believe I just wrote that. I tried to jot down all the momentous things that happened last year, and found out there were quite a lot of them. Left college, interned, started working for a job, shifted back with parents, made new friends, had so many dinners and outings, graduated from college, restarted this blog, gave an important exam, made a profile on LinkedIn, reconnected with some school friends, stayed alive through the winter, finished four books of A Song of Ice and Fire, visited Agra, attended a concert by Sonu Nigam, another by Arijit and Atif, and so on. Atif has been my favorite singer ever since Aadat came out in 2003. It was like a dream come true to witness his concert.

I also learned to let go of people. And in turn, many people let go of me. The people I hang out with are completely new than what it was in 2013; though that is not because I lost old friends, I just relocated to Delhi, all my friends are still there at Bangalore, and when I went to visit them, it was really great. That trip was one of the best trips from last year, those five days in Bangalore. I think I was in the introspection mode today, but I also think that was majorly because it was a lazy Sunday and I was pretty much bored with my life. Tomorrow is a Monday, and as they say, those who are happy on a Monday are those who are jobless. Well, yeah, very true. So I will go off now and try to do some reading, or something useful maybe. Until then, be happy. Be yourself.

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