Hello people, and welcome to Black Rose 2015!

2015 is an entirely new category for this blog. It has a strict mission, and I am going to try till hell to make sure that this category stays the most awesome category for the entire year. So what is 2015 all about? It is about a new vision for this blog, a new theme, a new resolution, a new style of writing, a new pattern, but an old author nonetheless.

So what is the mission of this category?
The mission of this category is “Twenty Words a Day“. What does that mean for me? Well, amidst the busy schedule that I follow on a daily basis, writing long posts is getting a bit too difficult. Moreover, for a novice like one myself, inventing new topics and writing a lot of them without doing justice to the topic seems a little too boring. The aim of this category is one post daily, and the post can be anything, a picture, small talk, excerpt from my diary, anything under the sun, but I promise to write daily.

This year again, I intend to start writing posts relating to technology. While most of them would be related to my field of work, broadly coming under Computer Science, you might find some really good tips out there as a regular computer user yourself. Also, I will be posting actual chats that I have had with various people, back in the past, which I am sure will entertain you as well. I plan on reviving the Sketches category once again as well, so as to keep my small talents from getting rusty.

All the same, I wish you again a very Happy New Year. Stay tuned for new posts all through the year, and ask your friends to come along, sip a cup of coffee, and enjoy this ride of words and love.

6 thoughts on “2015

    1. I am so sorry for this.
      All my plans are being washed down the drain by my work. I am so super-stressed these days with my work that I hardly get any time to write anything. I knew this was going to happen, and that is why I had changed my motto to only twenty words a day, thinking, “Hey, twenty words, that shouldn’t be hard; after all I can definitely take out that bit of a time from my schedule towards this blog. Seems I was wrong.

      But, don’t lose hope on me yet. I am writing, and I am sure if not twenty words a day, I might pull off, twenty words every alternate day or something; I am really not sure and do not want to make any promises, but I am hoping for the best out of this stupid life!


      1. Okay, few responses
        Response #1: What? I was playing. Chillax bro. No pressure zone here. You write whatever you want, whenever you want it, okay?
        Response #2: Wait, this reply is way over 20 words. You should have saved this for your blog giggles
        Response #3: Yes, yes, yes, Why the hell not? Let’s do it! (after reading the invitation)


        1. Response to #1: Haha. It’s not about the pressure. It is more of trying to keep up with your promises. Because these are very trivial inconsequential things, and if we cannot keep up to our word here, how would we do that in our real worlds?
          Response to #3: Let’s do it! Let’s make this year a memorable one by throwing ourselves out of our zones, and doing something new!

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