Back to Square One

So after a lot of hits and trials and errors, I have finally come up with a decision as to what all corrections to make. The first thing I did was give proper titles to the last few posts, which were otherwise only numbered and gave little meaning to the post. The next thing I did was redo a bit of my OneNote categorizing, by putting things into their correct places. Seems like I am growing a bit more OCD’ish than I was before.

Today I made a resolution to first complete whatever is left unfinished. That leaves me with three posts of ‘Decagon‘, and to complete the short story ‘Return‘. Yes, I am sure you have already forgotten about Return, but don’t worry, I forgot about it too, so it really does not matter. So yes, I need to get done with them. I also have some plans about publicizing this blog a little more than I usually do. I might put up a page, for all you know. I am inspired by Terribly Tiny Tales, and I want to do something on those lines, but not exactly write tiny tales. I will have to figure that out later. For now, let me tell you a bit about my new wishlist. I really want to check out Windows 10, though I currently do not have that many GBs left in my internet quota. I might install it next month. I also had a self-realization lately, that I need to learn a lot more in Java. I was going through a tutorial and it amazed me to see that so many basics are still unknown to me. I will need to sit down with a book, and really see what all have come up in the new compiler versions of JDK, and get myself updated.

Talking about updating, I am waiting for the L upgrade to come on my Sony Xperia Z1. Anyone knows when it will be out? I downloaded a few Google Apps (Inbox and Messenger) which have based themselves on the new Material theme and they really look clean. I am looking forward to it. It will be a nice combination, Android L on my phone and Windows 10 on my laptop. Hope they don’t dismay me.

That’s a lot of talking for now, see you soon with fresh new posts, and even better genres. Have a great day you!

Hello Amy!

It is a new year, and I am trying to widen the horizon of this blog. The vertical growth of the blog has been tremendous, thanks to each and every reader who stops by, lingers around, and leaves a like or a comment for me to savor. It is now time to increase the horizontal growth of this blog. For the past four years, I have been trying to bring this blog to the correct audience. Now that I have finally found a trusting audience, it is time to talk more, and to talk about things that have not been posted here, to write about things that on one hand some people might find controversial, some would definitely look forward to it.

I have been reading a few blogs of late, and one important thing that I have realized is that we love variety. Unless there is a plethora of things to read from, one gets bored and shifts to another blog easily. We want all sorts of categories to read from, and different styles of writing. I wouldn’t say I am a very big critic of writing, but it is only a natural observation. We follow so many authors; what makes Dan Brown different from George R R Martin, though they both write fiction? Why don’t people like Chetan Bhagat but love Jhumpa Lahiri, though they are both Indian? When someone wants to read something tragic, why do we immediately refer Khaled Hosseini? It is because we like different styles. Keeping this in mind, for the first time in four years, I am bringing in a new ‘author’ for this blog. Please join me in welcoming Amy. It is my belief that together we will make this blog a much more fruitful experience and that everyone who comes here would love to stop by, have a cup of coffee and share our happiness for a few minutes, every single day of our lives. She has already started posting here and you can see her posts in the “All Posts” category along with mine.

Have a good day and hope to see you around more!


So much is pent up in my mind right now,
Like a bundle of clothes out of the washing machine,
All mixed up, intertwined, and in need of separation.
I remember the first time I had realized,
That what was between us, was different that it should be,
And I couldn’t tell it to anyone, not even you,
I knew you knew better than me,
The thing that we had fallen into,
It was wrong, and it was horrible to speak of,
But it was fun.
I remember your sly smiles,
Our eyes always watching out to see,
That our parents weren’t around,
For if they were to find out, what would happen of us!
This was wrong, we needed to stop,
But maybe one last time,
And the last time never came,
Until that day when I got caught.
I was reprimanded for every single thing,
As if it was entirely my fault,
And you were none to blame,
But I still took it upon me,
Because I loved you so much,
Because you meant everything to me right then,
Because we were much more than they thought we were.

Seven Days

Seven days of love,
That was all we had,
And that was ages ago.
Yet I cherish them even today,
And have never been fonder of anything else,
It seems as if it happened yesterday,
We walking through streets under citylights,
Holding each other’s hands.
I remember the Computer Lab,
And I remember you saying,
“I want to give you something,”
And I had refused then, too shy, too frightened,
And have repented for it ever since.
It was the sixteenth of November,
And it was on Google Talk,
You would think I don’t remember anything,
But I remember every single moment,
Every single second etched in my mind,
Like engravings on a forlorn stone,
Which no one will look at again,
But the scars will remain forever.

Missing You

I just downloaded the list of hundred novels every person should read before he dies. This list that I got was published by The Telegraph, so I am going to believe there is some truth to the post. It was surprising to see that I haven’t read so many of them. This definitely means I have a mission to complete before I die. Hopefully I will live long enough to finish these books.

I want to dedicate this post to a really good friend of mine. I have been missing her a lot for some time, and as I was looking through pictures that we had clicked, some completely random, some nice ones, some so stupid I laugh even now, I realized that I was really happy when she was around. Now that she isn’t, all I can do is think about the wonderful moments that we had together. We stay in different countries now, and Whatsapp and Google Voice are the only two things that are even remotely close to what we could call talking. But I’m sure that we will meet again some day, and then hopefully we will create more moments like the ones before.

Then your smile was enough,
To make me happy on the saddest of mornings,
And now when you’re not around,
I imagine you all smiles and happy,
Your hair untied, unkempt, breeze within,
Your face gleaming with joy when you talk of swings,
Remember the first time you fell asleep on my lap?
Then your presence was enough,
To make me smile on the ugliest of days,
And now, when you aren’t around,
Even a single text from you is enough,
To make me happy on the saddest of mornings.

All a Lie

What if I told you,
This is all a lie,
That I am someone entirely different,
That I am not a man from here,
That I am from another world,
Where people don’t care about my looks,
Where animals smile when they see us,
Instead of getting afraid,
Where I live in harmony with myself,
My thoughts, my emotions.
Where people actually like me,
For what I am,
Not for what they would want me to be,
What if I told you,
That it is my dream,
To be transported,
To such a world.

Who Cares?

I am liking this 20 words a day thing. Though I need to really struggle hard, mostly because I need to really strive to take out the time to do this. I will tell you why. I wake up in the morning, and then everything is in a hurry because almost every day I get a feeling I will miss the bus, though I never miss it. Then once I reach the office at 8.30, I need to start with work. The work is supposed to be for nine hours, which usually should be cool since it is supposed to get over at 5.30. But more often than not, the work is so much more that we need to wait until eight in the evening. By the time I get back home it is 9, and post that I have my dinner and complete my chores, taking it up to ten in the night. By this time, I am already so tired that I can hardly sit down with a fresh mind to write something. Today for example, is a weekend. And therefore I am writing. I will be honest; I have not yet been able to keep up with the 2015 promise, but I am still trying hard. I hope you help me through this motto.

You’ve decided to keep quiet,
Silence your new weapon,
Wanting me to figure out,
Whatever’s wrong between us.
Do you know me yet,
No, I don’t think so,
You think I care I hurt you,
You think I might apologize,
But let me let you think as you wish,
And later laugh away,
To see your misconceptions shattered,
As the wind shatters the glasses of the open windows,
You might think I sound evil,
But that is only cause I am.