When I see someone commenting on my blog or liking it, I immediately rush over to his or her blog. It is my instinct. I want to know how he or she writes, because I want to know whether his or her perception matches mine. Most of the times, it doesn’t. Even then, we connect. For that, we have to give up our inhibitions, and just talk. Comment. Talk it out. Discuss. Tell each other our point of view. In today’s world, I could have looked her up on Facebook and sent her a friend request. But that steals the fun of blogging. It steals the fun of imaginative perceptions. When I write, I do not put pictures because I want the reader to imagine the entire post for himself, because everyone thinks differently, processes differently, based on his experiences. That is what makes this experience so much fun.

Four years since I started writing for this blog, and every day I feel it is a new start. Like I am on a level Zero. I know writers who take pain in making every post of theirs a good one. They do not care if they are already reputed. On the other hand, I see people getting swayed away by visits on their blog, and what is the consequence of that? Their quality degrades. And that is exactly why thinking that we are all at the same level, same base ground, is important. Because, I cannot have experienced more than you unless I know how much you’ve been through. And we both know I don’t know you. So why should I brag about things I know when you might know much more than me? Why can’t we all make this a simpler learning and a fun-filled experience? I am not getting paid for writing, neither are you for reading. Then why do we need to be superficial, and tend to dream big, bigger than we know we can ever achieve?

Sometimes it is quite different. Sometimes we are on level Zero, and we know that too, deep inside our hearts, but even so, we do not acknowledge it, because acknowledging it would be painstaking, would be tough, would be laborious. Sometimes we don’t want to learn, and that is absolutely okay. You do not need to learn everything. It is totally different and extremely exhilarating to experience things you have no idea of. Sometimes learning comes automatically. But we should not run away from it. Knowing when to restart, when to give up, when to make a fresh start, is equally important. We may choose the path less travelled and walk on it for a long long time before realizing it was really a very bad decision to have done this in the first place. But if we’ve travelled for half the road, should we turn back, go to the beginning and start afresh? Or should we walk through this once this time, and remember never to walk on it again? There is no single answer. There is no right or wrong. It is all on perspectives. And perceptions. For what you perceive is what you preach. And years later, when you see a man walking down the same path, would you warn him against it, or let him experience and realize for himself what he should or should not have done?

A lot of talk and no work has been done. It is time to stand up. To work. To make a fresh start. To walk towards our destination. We have taken our part of rest and now it is time for action. For if we don’t start now, we don’t start ever. So let us begin, and work towards our goal, so that tomorrow when we are ahead, we look back at them, and see our past, see when our value was nothing, when we were nothing but Zero, and smile when we realize how much of the sea we have crossed, and soon see ourselves to the other shore.

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14 thoughts on “Zero

  1. Can’t “reply” anymore, maybe we replied too much already. The Khanh story was true. You feel elated because we live in the moment. No wall, or anything holding us back. It’s just emotion and heart coming from me to you and bounce back πŸ™‚ If you know me in person, you will even be more high. I have a talent to crack people’s wall and just know, talk is good enough.

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    1. Haha. Yes. You know how in old days, people used to have pen-friends, in different countries, interacting only through letters. This seems like a rebranded version of the same.
      Cracking people’s walls is entirely the point of these comments. We try to see how people are, how they talk, and try to mould ourselves to make better friends. And just talk. Plain talk. Nothing else. Sometimes that is the best way to relax.


    1. Thank you Amy! It’s exhilarating to see people taking time out of their holidays to come over and read my blog. You cannot imagine how happy I am. Happy holidays to you too and hope you like this new series. πŸ™‚


      1. Aww, I always read your blog. Now I sound a little bit creepy huh? haha. But seriously, I do enjoy this new series because it hits close to home. I am expecting your next awesome posts about this very topic. Also, should I tell you that I really like your writing style? Yes I definitely should. You are one heck of a progressive blogger. Oh me too, I always have this feeling of being a “zero” whenever I start a new post. Thought I was the only one. But that is a good thing though. Energy starts afresh each new moment with different frequency. However, when we start to tune in the our “signature frequency”, it just feels authentic, like our innerself finally catches up with the present time. Again, I love this. Much much love.


        1. Too much of happiness for one morning!
          Oh, btw, “One” will be up in I think, five minutes? Feeling “zero” is important, and it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you see yourself through it, just like the last lines of this blog. And you need to tell me about our “signature frequency”, because I am always thinking about that. It is like “This post is a classic Amy”, “This post is a classic Anindya”, is that what you’re talking about?
          Thank you for so much love. It is much more than one blog can hold in it. I’ll take some of it for myself. πŸ˜€

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          1. YAY!!! OMG, you are so efficient. I like that. Yes, that’s what I meant, the unique writing style of each person. You know this best, because you write a variety of subject matters too. It means that you are a divergent thinker. However, a certain, specific style you feel drawn to the most is your strongest frequency. You might not write in this “voice” that often. Once you do, it just feels perfect, like a home in which you tend to let all else down, relax, have a cup of tea and just enjoy. It’s like a section one to one, between you and you. You communicate, report, retrospect together. For you, as you mentioned before (and I also agree), it’s like a kind of poetry full of pure feeling and emotion. It doesn’t need to be structured or organized. To me, it sounds like jazz, whose components like spontaneity and free of associations and flows are the peak of instant illumination. I also like your essays, which are so well thought and precise. As for me, you need to tell me. Because I know my signature, but I don’t know how you’d view it.


            1. Haha, thank you. Your signature huh? I think you are happiest when you write something that has actually happened. True events, you write about, but you add a flavor of fiction to it. Am I just saying random nonsense or is it true? πŸ˜€

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              1. take it back. I write best in comments. Okay, back to you, hmm, true events with fiction as a cherry on top, I tend to see everything as comedy though. But yeah, your perspective is also accurate.


                1. We both have too much free time I would say. And no, you write good everywhere. Compelling ones. This one time I started reading I couldn’t stop until I had finished with all the parts of that story you wrote. πŸ˜€

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                  1. ❀ Thank you. You are indeed my inspiration. You don't even know…You meant the Khanh story? I wouldn't say I have much free time. I just make it for the people.


                    1. Yes, the story about Khanh. I even imagined it was true. That’s so sweet of you to make time for us. And this is I think the first time I’ve talked with a reader for so long, makes me feel almost elated. And if I am your inspiration, I hope I don’t let you down in the coming months, or years, so that sometime later, when you come back here, and find my perspectives to have changed, you’ll still see that signature style hidden amongst new opinions. πŸ™‚


  2. “and smile when we realize how much of the sea we have crossed, and soon see ourselves to the other shore.” I love the imagery here. What a wonderful post on Friday to think about taking that first step towards a fresh start. Great post πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Olivia! Thank you for running into me! πŸ˜€ And yes, Friday is indeed the best day to start afresh, after being boggled down by the unnecessary headaches and cumbersome work that you’ve been through the entire week! Have a great weekend ahead πŸ™‚

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