The Greatest Difficulty

The difficulty is not in choosing,
Whether to love or not,
Whether to marry or not,
But is the most in,
Whether to eat or to sleep.
For some days you are super hungry,
And are super sleepy at the same time.
Do you want to give up your sleep,
To chew some morsels so that,
Your belly could sleep with you?
Or would you rather let your slumber win,
The sweet dreams, and the unconsciousness,
For some, consciousness is,
The annoying things between naps,
And for some, food is all that matters.
For me, I want both.
I want to eat while I am still sleeping,
And sleep when I am eating,
I never want to be hungry,
Yet I wouldn’t want to not sleep when sleepy.
So therefore,
When people talk to you,
About the problems in their lives,
Ask them how they’d choose between,
Their lunch and their pent-up sleep wishes,
And add to their miseries,
Because you know how it feels.

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