The roads passed by, wheeling away,
I staggered through them,
Looking for someone, anyone,
Anyone who could drop me,
Drop me to my house.
The drinks had taken their effect,
All of a sudden,
So suddenly, that the whole world,
Was revolving,
My head, round and round and round.
I tried typing on my phone,
But the words never came right,
I typed and erased and typed and erased,
Until I got tired of not being able to write.
I tried calling up,
But the balance was over,
I dropped the phone on the ground,
Couldn’t bend down to pick it up,
I knew if I bent I wouldn’t be able to stand again,
So I kept looking at it,
Until finally I left it where it was,
And walked on.
I could hear my phone ringing,
Or was it just the ringtone playing in my head,
It was persistent, never stopping,
When it stopped, I had gone far away,
I was running now,
Fearing I would be late,
I knew I was getting late for something,
But I couldn’t remember what it was,
I kept thinking but then when I realized,
I had forgotten why I was running,
I slowed down to a walk, calves sprained,
Panting, huffing, looking around,
The streets were new,
I had never been to this place before,
I tried to take out my phone from my pocket,
Only to remember I had thrown it away.
My eyes were closing off slowly,
The next time they opened,
I wasn’t dizzy anymore, but…

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