Through Seasons

Oh, let’s just fall in love for a while.
Close your eyes and hold my hand,
Let us walk through storms and gales,
Our fingers intertwined.
Let us see a year, and cross ourselves,
Through all seasons.
When the buds blossom and the cherries turn red,
Let’s love each other beneath the shade of trees,
In the midst of spring,
Frolicking around, and swinging on swings.
When in the heat we perspire,
And the sun’s blazing hot,
Let’s love the summer as much as we love each else,
Walk naked feet on the burning sands,
Let the waters lap our feet at the shores,
Cooling them down, an insatiable want,
Want for each other, never quenching.
And when the leaves fall out,
And the lanes become home to them,
Let’s lie on the grass, and look at the branches,
And the rays that peer through them,
The damp sunlight, the smell of redwood,
Our smiles for each other never ending.
Come winter, and we’d be shivering,
Let us shiver together one time,
In the warmth of the quilts,
Seeing the snow through the windows,
Writing letters through the dew,
Settled on the glass of our doors.
Oh, let’s just fall in love for a while,
Close your eyes and hold my hand.


Mothers, with their mortars and pestles,
Crushing red chiles on hot afternoons,
The aroma of spices, floating in the air,
Their smiles, their chuckles, and the whispers,
Their daughters come back,
Pails of water on their heads,
Their gait ever graceful,
Their faces benign.
She sees them from her cot,
Too old to rise up now,
Remembers how once she was the daughter,
And how once she was a mother,
Now too old, her only children,
Are her hopes, which she nurtures,
With loads of care, as she once did,
For her children and her husband.
She closes her eyes,
The heat makes the dark turn yellow,
She can feel the light with her eyes shut,
And her children float by, in her visions.
She hopes one day they will come back,
Their heads on her lap,
They will narrate to her stories,
From cities long forgotten,
From borders between nations,
From mines deep down.
She can smell already,
A tinge of love, floating in the air,
Her husband sleeping on the cot beside,
The toothless smile, the grey beard,
His auburn eyes, which can only stare,
She turns and finds it empty for now,
But hopes someone will sleep on it,
Before the night ends,
Before the winter ends,
Before her life ends.

Finally a Graduate

A lot is on my mind right now. I am officially an engineer now.

Er. Anindya Dutta. Sounds cool. I spent the entire weekend back at my college with friends, one last time, reminiscing all the fun and frolic we had in the last four years. Looking back, I have changed so much in the last four years that if someone was there who hadn’t met me these four years, he or she would be taken aback at how I have become. There is a lot of learning that I am taking back, but if I were to choose the most important thing that I have learnt in these four years, I already know what the answer is. It is to keep moving on.

Moving on. People would say it is easier said than done. However, as a guy who has had a first-hand experience in this, let me tell you something that you should know. It is not tough to move on. You sometimes need to. You sometimes have to. You sometimes must. Leave it be. Some things are meant to just leave them be as they are, for moving mountains to make paths is tougher than making paths through mountains. A college is a place where you are supposed to fall for someone, fall deep for that person, yet when the time comes, God forbid it comes, but if it comes, you should have the guts to move on. It will pain, that’s true. But it will wither off, in due time, like the scabs on the toes after running naked-feet on the sands for days, constantly burning because the salt of the sea waters, but slowly healing, forming a tough skin, that the water cannot pierce through anymore.

Life is not a race. College is not a competition. You do not need to aspire to be the top scorer. Live your life, for once this goes away, it won’t come again. And when after working for twelve hours a day, you come back tired from your office, tune in to the radio in your car, and your favorite song from college plays, don’t hold back your tears. Cry it out. Cry. Weep. Feel sad. Feel nostalgic. Don’t suppress it. Don’t be stoic. Because that is not who you are. You are you, and you should remember that. Don’t fall for life. Ever.

Until later.

That Time

The most difficult of all the times to spend,
Is the time you wait,
After you order your food,
And before the waiter gets it.
You see all sorts of mouth-watering stuff,
Being brought up to your table,
And then they pass to some other table,
Serving the others.
You look at their faces,
They have a contemptuous smile,
That they got their food before you.
You can’t afford to look at the menu,
Because it is too delicious,
And you can’t look up,
Because right in front of your eyes,
Lies the kitchen.
And whenever their door opens,
A plethora of smells,
Of lamb in oyster sauce,
Of broccolis in schezuan,
Of Worcestershire dipped chicken,
And fried noodles,
They tingle the olfactory,
And persist there for long,
And oh, the joy,
When finally you see your waiter,
Coming up with your,
Grilled chicken breasts and sizzler!

The Greatest Difficulty

The difficulty is not in choosing,
Whether to love or not,
Whether to marry or not,
But is the most in,
Whether to eat or to sleep.
For some days you are super hungry,
And are super sleepy at the same time.
Do you want to give up your sleep,
To chew some morsels so that,
Your belly could sleep with you?
Or would you rather let your slumber win,
The sweet dreams, and the unconsciousness,
For some, consciousness is,
The annoying things between naps,
And for some, food is all that matters.
For me, I want both.
I want to eat while I am still sleeping,
And sleep when I am eating,
I never want to be hungry,
Yet I wouldn’t want to not sleep when sleepy.
So therefore,
When people talk to you,
About the problems in their lives,
Ask them how they’d choose between,
Their lunch and their pent-up sleep wishes,
And add to their miseries,
Because you know how it feels.


The roads passed by, wheeling away,
I staggered through them,
Looking for someone, anyone,
Anyone who could drop me,
Drop me to my house.
The drinks had taken their effect,
All of a sudden,
So suddenly, that the whole world,
Was revolving,
My head, round and round and round.
I tried typing on my phone,
But the words never came right,
I typed and erased and typed and erased,
Until I got tired of not being able to write.
I tried calling up,
But the balance was over,
I dropped the phone on the ground,
Couldn’t bend down to pick it up,
I knew if I bent I wouldn’t be able to stand again,
So I kept looking at it,
Until finally I left it where it was,
And walked on.
I could hear my phone ringing,
Or was it just the ringtone playing in my head,
It was persistent, never stopping,
When it stopped, I had gone far away,
I was running now,
Fearing I would be late,
I knew I was getting late for something,
But I couldn’t remember what it was,
I kept thinking but then when I realized,
I had forgotten why I was running,
I slowed down to a walk, calves sprained,
Panting, huffing, looking around,
The streets were new,
I had never been to this place before,
I tried to take out my phone from my pocket,
Only to remember I had thrown it away.
My eyes were closing off slowly,
The next time they opened,
I wasn’t dizzy anymore, but…

Will You Recognize Me?

Are you really that intangible,
That you would come every single night,
Every single night in every single dream,
Yet fail to show up wherever I look for you,
Are you really that intangible?
Like a wisp of air, tangling in my hair,
Like the breeze of summer, and the gale of winter,
Throughout seasons, you are just there,
Sitting, smiling, waiting, looking at me,
Through those two shiny eyes that I have long not seen,
But as soon as I wake up, you are gone.
Where are you now, right now, in which world,
Tell me the color of the sky you see,
Do you look up to see at the skies,
Or do you look down silently watching me,
Tell me for I am tired of this melodrama,
Tell me.
Sometimes when I think of you before I sleep,
I see the face I saw so many years ago,
So many years have died since then,
A hundred seasons have passed,
And yet you are still there, holding time in your hands,
Not letting it pass by,
When I see you again,
Will you recognize me?