Only a Shade of Grey

Things, if they’d been in black and white,
Or in black, or in white,
Life would have been so simple,
So easy to cope with,
So monotonous to lead, though.
It’s the grey that makes me worry,
And the different shades of it that cause,
The turmoil in my mind,
Which one to choose,
Which one to accept,
And which to deny,
The cause, the choice, the right, the wrong,
Everything but a shade.
There’s nothing right and nothing wrong,
Only something yet more wrong than the other,
Nothing more right than that the most right,
And nothing worse than the worst.
Then why do they fight,
And call us black,
And beat us up,
When they but know,
No one is black,
None white either,
Only a shade of grey.


8 thoughts on “Only a Shade of Grey

  1. May I participate again? I think that in term of civilization, we have a tendency to share a common phenomenon:social anxiety. It’s deemed to the fact that some of us want to control the chaos to set a structure to it. So somehow the world might not seem too threatening. This can only be achieved through the act of creation, in my humble opinion. In the end, what truly matters is one big wonderful adventure in which we all join in. And because we each have a different interpretation to our journey, so trust that it’s us who can tell our truth.
    Yea, self-righteousness, we all have that to some degree. It’s the product of our age. An overactive mind is a two edge sword. What cures it is simplicity and attention.


    1. Yes, and therefore we should not complicate life, or for that matter anything. We should try and enjoy the basic flavor sometimes. Just like too much garnishing can spoil the recipe, too much thought can make sweet things bitter. Let us not try to control anything beyond our limits. In my opinion, we keep trying to push our limits farther every moment. Instead of that, we should look for more ventures inside our limit, nurture them and achieve success, and consequently happiness, within our limits.
      The last seven lines of the poem exactly try to speak of that. Racial discrimination; why is it required? it’s not something we can control, why do we want to assert ourselves on stuff beyond our comprehension?


      1. I like the dynamic of this conversation. Honestly, I care more about the process of thought exchanging than the result which can shift into a different shape in any second.
        I think it’s the human nature to want to investigate and seek for answers. Without it, we cease to evolve. So, curiosity is vital for our growth. Even if we don’t have the answer just yet, it will keep us open for further expansion.
        I also think it takes courage to push us to places we have not been before to test our limit, and to break boundaries. And I believe, when we get to that place where we are supposed to be, it’s impossible to get back to the old position. Simply because we know too much.
        I like how you bring up the matter of control and how to let go of it. Yea, self-acceptance is very much needed, I agree. In order to get there, we have to be aware where we actually are.


        1. I like it when you say “When we get to that place where we are supposed to be, it’s impossible to get back to the old position.” It’s not only because we know too much, sometimes it is because we also fear to go back to what we were. That is what success does to us; sometimes it is good, but then, sometimes it is also not that good, or so I feel.
          Knowing where we actually are, and more importantly ‘what’ we actually are, is very important. It is important because at the back of our mind, we need to remember the roots from which we sprang up, so that if need be, we can turn back to them. In a country like the one I live, we see people achieving great amount of success overnight (literally, overnight) and then turning their backs on others. These ‘others’ are the same ones who helped him “test his limits and break his boundaries”. That is something we should refrain from.
          Humans aspire for more. Nothing is ever sufficient. We need more, we want more. And we get more. But then our vessels are limited, and to incorporate the new stuff, we dispose of old things, sometimes not realizing the priority of the things we lose, when compared to what we gain. And that is exactly why I wish people wanted lesser than they do.


          1. This is getting out of hand 😛 I hope you don’t mind me talking so much.
            The greed huh? There are two versions of it, the healthy one which inspires us to be something greater and of course, the other one that is quite damaging for our development. I’ve seen people losing themselves over material gains, so I know what you are talking about.
            Again, it depends on how you look at it, for me, life is like different emotional stages we have to go through. And with each of it, we possess a distinct level of personal maturity which links directly to our mental, spiritual, or overall, inner life. And when we have mastered a certain stage, there is no reason to fear. The challenge, as being faced off with again, will succumb. Or taken off completely. We need to want to move forward.
            Not gonna lie, I like success. And like all physical manifestations, it’s not the very thing that creates evil, it’s how it’s used. The way it is used by an individual will show us how conscious that person is. Sometimes people can’t do anything right, not because they refuse to do it right. They are yet awakened, so the internal working is messed up. Because you wont have conscience if you are not conscious.


            1. Oh no, it hasn’t got out of hand yet 😛 It would have, if we were to contradict on thoughts. But somehow, I find everything you say very compelling with my thoughts.
              Maturity is a state of mind, yes. And the thing is it has an individualistic opinion to itself. I might think I am mature enough and have passed a particular ‘hurdle’ in life, whereas in truth it might have been just a rung of a very tall ladder. But time passes, and we learn. We realize how much we know, and how much is yet to be known. And that is another reason where we start ‘wanting’, though this is a positive one. Success is used , and if there were less than two ways of it being used, the world might have been a better place. But for now, we just need to succumb to the lifestyle of humans, because we are two of them. 🙂


  2. It’s the mind that changes; the heart will not. The notions of right versus wrong, good versus bad are after all our human interpretation and reasoning about the world. This is the most basic, yet very important element as in creating our identity and amplifying our purpose here. However, as far as thing goes, there is also a hidden machinery that works behind the scene to implement all the mysteries in the physical universe. And those can’t be explained by pure logic, I believe. It has a lot to do with our more irrational and intuitive mind.

    I think it’s very essential to do what makes us feel harmonious and balanced. Being right, in a personal sense, maybe important; and goes beyond, the larger scope may have different rules to apply. Sometimes, upon intensely concentration, we may catch the pulse of the cosmo and share the same beat. It is very rare though, but it happens. And it only happens because we realize that we need to let go of the constant urge to control of our mind and allow ourselves to flow in an ocean of timelessness. Till then, emotion is the result upon deep focus; and from an emotional standpoint, things will start manifesting. As it should be.


    1. This comment made my day. And I agree with you totally. It is actually a perspective, of right and wrong. They are two sides of the same coin, and sometimes they are the mirror images of each other, both seemingly alike from the outside, just like twins, but, deep down, there are differences that only a close analysis can portray.
      And though we might think something is right or wrong, it is neither of them, and it is both of them, at the same time, for different people. And this is what causes this turmoil among us, where we all believe we are righteous, yet never look through the eyes of the other.


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