He kept sailing, the waters turning rough,
Storms every night, and rain sodding his clothes,
He caught a fever, but then recovered,
Yet caught it again, the rain never stopped.
The brine and the wind made him dizzy as ever,
And he retched constantly into the waters,
But never did he stop, it was important that he didn’t,
And he continued to sail, by the light of the moon.
Food had become scarce, wine even scarcer,
Water nowhere to be found,
And so he drank the sea water,
His stomach else empty.
When he went down, rats had infested,
The leftover grains and he’d have to throw them,
There was no one to talk, he the sole survivor on ship,
But he didn’t lose hope, he kept sailing.
A fortnight later, he found an island,
Stranded though, it had some trees,
He used the wood to mend the holes in the ship,
Then resumed on his journey.
How long he’d have to sail, he had no clue,
And didn’t know whether the winds would be in his favor,
But he knew he had to reach,
The land where the sun never sets,
And where his life would be just one long day.
He longed for his dream to come true,
And he’d set forth to make it so,
And he prayed to the gods to make it happen.
For deep in his heart he did believe,
And somewhere within we should too,
That dreams are but visions of what could be true,
And to make them possible, we alone must strive.

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