Teen At Heart

My nineteenth name-day, I sit and stare,
Into the skies above, counting the stars,
I could tell you and you wouldn’t believe,
But yesterday we danced in my dream.
I think of the day when three years ago,
My father, ever so angry with me,
Kicked me out, and I had nowhere to go,
Save your arms, and you, and our love.
Do you remember how we danced,
In the rain of the first monsoon?
It was as if I was living a dream,
But the reality soon harshly banged on me.
I’ll never forget the night,
When you were molested to death,
For my wrongdoings, oh, how much I hate myself.
I pleaded to them, took the blame on self,
Even returned everything I stole,
But they only laughed,
Gripping you in their arms,
Your face still shining, thinking I’d do something.
And you should know,
Though you never saw,
I revenged you, my sweet love,
I killed them each, one by one,
Three times my fingers were red.
I had let my people down,
But I wasn’t sad or upset for it,
I did what I did, and I am not ashamed,
Because I did it for you, my love.

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