Six Months Today

I close my eyes, seeing the future,
He thinks I want to sleep,
And when I cry because she is sad,
She thinks I want to eat.
They misinterpret me in so many ways,
Ways more than my fingers can count,
I wish I could tell them something,
But I can only say ‘Maa’ now.
I could tell them what I felt about them,
But they don’t know my language yet,
So I’ll strive a bit and learn their words,
So that they can hear me out better.
It’s been half a year since I’ve come home,
I’ve shared their grief and happiness alike,
But they don’t realize that sometimes,
I weep for their misery.
I saw a dream yesterday, where I was grown up,
And was pleading to people to let me come back,
I think they had exiled me or something,
Couldn’t really figure out, my sleep broke midway.
I long for the day when I will walk,
And run about in the garden outside,
And play with the kitten that visits me daily,
But right now, I must go to sleep.

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