The Beginning

I hear the sound of muffles,
And a grr-grr-grr,
Then they start rushing you,
And I have to run along too.
Then the pay-pay-pay,
Of the ambulance I hear,
And they put you in,
And I steal in too.
You keep shouting for a long time,
I wonder if it’s my fault,
But then the ambulance screeches to a halt.
There’s again some rushing,
Lots of people around you,
We enter a room,
People all dressed in green now,
I can feel them prying,
But then they start,
And you shout more,
I close my ears,
Can’t bear the noise,
They pull at me,
I don’t want to leave,
They force me to leave,
My world.
And I see the light,
It stings me in the eye,
I cry.
People around laugh and chatter,
You smile.
He says, “It’s a boy!”
Your smile makes me stop crying.

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