Ad Infinitum – 2

They thought it would be easy,
To make up bedtime stories,
Follow them passionately with all their hearts,
Turning them into harsh reality.
But when the river turned over,
And flooded the country,
Whilst they died, every single one of them,
Who made their wooden piers, oh, none did,
Who dug the ground, oh, none did.
God turned up and showed them,
How futile man’s attempts were,
To appease Him, to placate His soul,
And though we may think he is the Creator,
Deep in our hearts, who doesn’t accept,
That He is the sole Destructor?
For those that create the air which we breathe,
Are those that we kill, are those that we kill,
And when our breaths draw to a close,
Who do we blame, other than Him?
We must stop right here, think for a while,
Remove the misconstruing of the world that we have,
Or the end is inevitable, and the cycle of destruction,
Would continue,
Ad infinitum.

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