Ad Infinitum – 1

They said living in this world was fun,
Making friends was easy,
And that once you had someone,
You would end up being together,
Ad infinitum.
Lies, all of them,
We live in a world, no, we just spend,
Our breaths, wasted upon everyone else,
Cynics, and half-hearted lovers,
Fill every nook and corner, every alley.
They said, think positive,
But I get only negative vibes out here,
Prying eyes, privacy dead,
They call it socializing, gregarious them,
But end up publicizing, what they shouldn’t,
Fell trees for wood, burn wood for the dead,
Kill both man, and tree, at the same time.
No one’s gonna stop them,
They are rites and rituals, must be performed,
Lest the soul stay wretched,
Ad infinitum.
Not realizing, that wretched souls,
Remain wretched,
That they are not within the dead,
But within those living,
Those among us.
Prayers won’t work one day,
Churches and temples and mosques,
They won’t save you,
Just as they don’t save the dead.

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