New Story Around the Corner

The title is very apparent. Haha!

So yes, I have started preparing the manuscript for my new story, which will be out soon. For now, it is going to be the same old way of posting chapters one after one. But there is a small change in concept in my writing.

The new story relies on the fact that people want to read more. It is really dissatisfying to read a few lines and then have to wait for another new ‘chapter’. Hence this time, the story focuses on having larger chunks of write-ups per chapter, so that you spend five minutes and really ‘feel’ that you read something instead of the older way where one felt it would have been nicer if a little more content was there in the chapter.

Anyway, a little introduction to this story. The story starts four years after ‘Shaena‘, but don’t worry if you haven’t read it, it was a really small story and you can still pick up the e-book here. From there we see the perspective of a person who has now grown up, and thinks more maturely, as well as we see the tiny differences that come your way once you grow up. How it’s going to end, I really don’t know. But for now, I hope you like the way it goes.

Happy reading!


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