Funding the Bigger Cities – Good or Bad

Governments must ensure that their major cities receive the financial support they need in order to thrive.

Major cities, in some way, are the most important cities in the country. This may be due to various reasons. For example, a city might be a major city because a lot of population thrives on it, or it may be one which contributes a lot towards the nation’s economy. In either case, it is important that the city receives the financial support it needs from the government in order that it can function well and prosper continuously.

Most of the major cities comprise the largest hub of activity, with a big population, and provide more than just the basic amenities required for living. They are developed cities, which occupy a larger area than smaller cities. This makes it obvious to give them more financial support, as the larger the area it occupies, the more frequent an amenity will be needed to be provided. For example, whereas in a small city, one hospital might cater to all the needs, in a major city, one may expect a number of hospitals considering the population in the city. Another example might be intra-city metro rail constructions. Whereas these might be considered a luxury in small cities, major cities would find this a necessity. Hence financial support in such conditions becomes a necessity for the city to function properly.

A major city is one on which the country depends and thrives. They are important economically, and increase the total economic level of the country, mostly through exports. For example, cities which have ports, and cities which have industries that produce goods which are mostly exported, for example steel, iron and gold, and other machinery, contribute towards the income of the country. In such cases, supporting these cities financially for the betterment of the country is imperative. Other cities might be important culturally or historically, attracting hordes of tourists every month. These major cities would require financial support to maintain the degree of satisfaction and impression that foreigners have on the country.

Another important reason why major cities should be funded as necessary by the government is to maintain security and solace in the city. Sometimes, due to dissatisfaction among citizens because of low financial support, there are uproars which compromise the welfare of the city. Apart from this, it is almost mandatory to maintain good security at major locations in the city, for there is always a risk of an impending terrorist attack, and of late, ensuring extra women security has become one of the primary goals of the country. This addition of extra personnel would be catering to their needs and compensations, which would require financial support from the government.

Lastly, in any major city, one would expect the literacy rate to be high, the overall citizen satisfaction level to be good, employments to be at a peak, people with good living conditions, and the demand-supply process in the city should be up to the mark to facilitate smoother living. Financial support is also required in these instances and governments must pay equal attention to all the mentioned factors. Hence, to conclude, I would say that governments must ensure that major cities thrive, and in doing so, provide all the support it can financially, in order for the smoother functioning of such cities.

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