She Didn’t Fly

I put her out of the cage, on my table,
Kept a few grains in front of her,
Hoping she’d eat them,
Or at least fly away,
She didn’t fly.

I thought she’d cherish her freedom,
Dance around for a while,
Then fly into the sky,
Be forever free,
She didn’t fly.

It seemed to me she loved the cage,
Maybe she just loved me,
The cage, her world,
Who’d she fly to?
She didn’t fly.

I learnt that sometimes we nurture,
Thoughts of freedom alike,
But given the chance,
Still hold back and,
Do not fly.


2 thoughts on “She Didn’t Fly

  1. Another excellent writing. It can be a novel thinking but the physical restraint is the least concern. If the bird is free in mind, the cage is just an illusion. But if its mind is caged, wherever the bird is, it’s not free.


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