As much as you try, as much as I do,
We both know it’s inevitable,
For it’s already true, it’s already true,
My love for you, indelible.
For the nights bring stars,
Oh they shine so bright,
The heart full of scars,
It cries by the night.

Entrenched my love, what should I do,
Ensconced by the fears of how you’d react,
Gratification, only a delusion,
Which wanes as the morning sun rises.
She asked me once, an innocent face,
How melancholy became the prime ingredient of life,
I told her it was inevitable,
It is sugar to the coffee, some take less, some a lot.

Parsimonious God was when it came to joys,
Did not He want us all to be happy?
Where extravagantly He spent, grooming man’s desolation,
A shrewd move, by Him.
Skirmish between the heart and soul,
Neither claims victory tonight,
For the heart is enervated, too languid to love,
And the soul, too wretched to live.

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