The Hare and the Tortoise

The hare challenged the tortoise,
To a race to see who’s faster,
The tortoise knew what’d happen,
Yet she still accepted to run,
Her love knew bounds for the hare,
She wished the hare knew that,
But never collected her guts to face him,
And so they were here today.

So on a fine sunny morning,
They decided to run the race,
The hare left his crutches at home,
And came limping to the starting point.
He ran on one leg for an hour or so,
The tortoise walking far behind,
Weeping when she thought how much pain,
The hare constantly endured for her.

When he almost reached the finish point,
The hare decided to sleep for a while,
And whilst he was dreaming of the tortoise,
She almost reached the finishing line.
She saw the hare sleeping,
Tired of running on one foot,
And came and sat beside him,
Dozing off to sleep in a while.

When they woke up, his pain was lesser,
The tortoise had bandaged all his cuts,
“Want to continue the race?” she asked,
They laughed and hugged each other.
For sometimes in the race of life,
Slow, steady, or fast, none matter,
But accepting each for what one is,
And still loving them, matters.


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