They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
I know it isn’t so easy,
To be away constantly and not be misunderstood,
Wrong emotions getting conveyed all the time,
Trying to patch up on trivial matters,
Shouting at each other, then reconciling,
It’s difficult.
You feel it crumbling down to pieces,
Brick by brick, stone by stone,
You see the cracks in the wall,
Yet you feel too lazy to fill them up,
And soon these cracks grow large enough.
You can still mend them,
But it will obviously take a lot more time,
And even when rebuilt, it will not be the same,
Just like a thread, which when broken,
Can be joined back, but the knots,
Those knots will always be there,
The thread will never be the same again.
So don’t do it, don’t go far,
Don’t worsen it unless you have to,
For once it crumbles,
Everything mixes with the sand,
Not to be rebuilt again.


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