The New ‘Black Rose’

Hello readers! So you must have noticed a few subtle changes in the overall blog, and may have wondered why they were made. This post here is to discuss the changes that have been made in the blog and why they have been done so.

New Blavatar
The blavatar (logo on the blog’s tab and on the left hand of Black Rose) has changed. It now has a white background instead of black. It symbolizes duality in all forms, and that nothing is entirely black, nor entirely white. We need to see both sides to everything, and that will help us realize the true potential within ourselves.

Removal of the Tagline
Over years, the tagline has changed again and again, Black Rose – this, Black Rose – that. However, a change in perspective has led to me believing that Black Rose stands for itself, irrelevant of the tag, irrelevant of what I think it is about, because it depends on what you think it is, and how you connect to it. Each one has his own perspective and hence a no-tagline scheme symbolizes the change where you decide how you connect to this blog.

To Infinity and Beyond
It is a menace to keep clicking show more posts. The new Infinity and Beyond system removes the follow button and stats from the bottom of the blog, allowing you to scroll indefinitely and keep reading as long as you are free. Of course, you can still follow me by clicking on the top bar, beside my blog name. ๐Ÿ™‚

No Footers, No Sidebars, No Nothing
Sheer reading. No distractions. No photos from Instagram, no calendars and categories and tag clouds. Nothing. Now use the entire space on your screen only for reading, and sheer reading. Because that is what you came here for.

Removal of the Contact Form
The Contact Me form is no longer available. I realised that most of my readers talk to me, and convey their thoughts through comments on the relevant posts. Hence keeping a separate Contact Me form seemed redundant, and not much used anyway.

Removal of Shaena – the Page
Well, I lost a couple of comments there, but hey, when I was cleaning up my blog I realised, that since most of you have already read the posts and commented on them, there is no point maintaining a separate page for that. Instead, I have archived all the posts together and you can still read them without having to look for them separately here.

Removal of Autumn – the Page
This seemed logical. The extension of the 4-chapter Autumn into a 15-chapter novelette meant a very very long page, and I am almost sure no one has that much of patience when it comes to reading blogs. Taking into consideration the human concentration span, I have converted this into a set of fifteen posts, that is available somewhere under All Posts.

The New Thin One Band Menu
As a result of removal of all the redundancy, we now have a thin one band menu, that takes up minimal space, allowing you to both access important stuff, as well as not get bogged down by its size, so that you can get a better reading satisfaction. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope the new changes in the overall appearance proves more satisfying and that you have a wonderful time reading.
Thank you.


2 thoughts on “The New ‘Black Rose’

  1. Hello blogger ๐Ÿ˜€ I see that you have made some changes, and I like it just like the old one. I think you should still keep the contact me form, since some people may want to communicate with you through a private medium.
    In term of duality, this is what I think, either it’s black or white. It doesn’t change at the core. What changes is just a perception of one’s self and the context of the matter. But who determines it, surely isn’t us.


    1. I did think of the private medium once, but since in the past four years no one has ever used that, it’s hardly worth keeping. Also, people can still email me or ping me on Facebook, so it’s kind of okay. ๐Ÿ™‚
      On the subject of duality, I differ slightly. I think every person is a mixture of both black and white. That said, the shade which one assumes is in context of the matter. Different situations make us react differently, and while some may require us to be completely black or white, some may require us to have a broader outlook and assume a shade so that the balance between the both remain burnished.


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