A Romantic Poem

I want to write a romantic poem,
One which has princes and princesses,
Write about a lot of love between them,
Which finally culminates into their marriage.
Or maybe about the romance of two,
Simple ordinary people from the streets,
How they met as strangers and fell in love,
And how happy they are today.

Or, how about the romance, the unkindled love,
Between two first-time lovers,
The inexperience, and the excitement,
The feeling of having loved the first time.
But no, I won’t write of all this,
Far too many poems already speak of that,
Maybe I’ll talk of other kinds of romance,
Those that are less spoken about.

I want to write a romantic poem,
But this isn’t quite turning out to be one,
Other than the romance between mind and words,
Which no one seems to care about.
So I’ll probably stop writing now,
Unromantic that I already am,
Leaving romantic poems to better poets,
And maybe go and have a nap.


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